How the Compton Cowboys Are Keeping Kids Off the Streets | The Daily Show

How the Compton Cowboys Are Keeping Kids Off the Streets | The Daily Show

Roy Wood Jr. goes to Compton, CA, to see how a group of horse enthusiasts helps keep kids from turning to gang violence by channeling their energy into the stables.

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54 Responses

  1. DeogratiusJR vlogs says:


    Have a great day buddy…????
    Keep it cool

  2. Ahmed Sharara says:

    Damn at 0:16 they stole my scene for a black western

  3. Tha Ish says:

    Can i have the weed u smoking lmaoo??

  4. Cher Walker says:

    Yes Mr. Rodeo! ????

  5. Laquitta Belmont says:

    Bruh not Cowboy Lil Wayne Trevor please send Roy on a extended vacation ?

  6. Mario Phillips-Hammond says:

    I love this idea

  7. Dangeruss Curvs says:

    Thats right! Born and raised in Compton!! #LeudersPark #DominguezHighClass of 1992! #ComptonCarwash #ComptonUnified

  8. Hayley Hutson says:

    “Cowboy Lil Wayne”

  9. Star Cherry says:

    I love this, gives kids something to do and an outlet for all of trauma they’ve faced!

  10. Daphne says:

    This is awesome. It’s unique and positive for their neighborhood. Great job Roy Wood Jr. I will look them up and see how I can help. The website is:

  11. Sparky's Space says:

    Beautiful story, horses are very spiritual creatures, good therapy animals.

  12. Jamie D. says:

    Yeah… I love to share man.


  13. Nay Mc says:

    Actually one of the first cowboys were black; bill picket… look him up. ?

    • Chemchem Mathmath says:

      original cowboys in the us/and areas that ended up taken by the us (wild, wild, west)were almost exclusively Black and Mexican.

    • Mike Nunyabizness says:

      +Isabel Garza The Spaniards were slavers and rapists. They were genocidal greedy trash. They killed off entire groups of people through North, Central and South America and the entire Caribbean. The Vaqueros didn’t really show up as actual cattle ranchers until the 18 and 19 century. You are poorly educated., you don’t even bring up the Charro…

    • Monjeed Otuemhobe says:

      Bass Reeves look him up his story was similar to Django unchained.

    • stopthecrazyguy says:

      There were many black cowboys after the Civil War. A lot of them were bronco busters. At the same time there was an entire Cavalry regiment in the west called the Buffalo Soldiers.

    • Isabel Garza says:

      +Mike Nunyabizness The only thing i said that they were the original cowboys. Thats all. Stop bashing people and act like an adult.

  14. Just Me says:

    The Daily Show is just the best. I really enjoyed this. I spent time with horses when I was a kid and I can affirm what that young girl said. The absolutely most calming thing that I ever did around horses is just to gaze into their eyes. (after currying, brushing, shoveling horse apples and, of course, riding.) My takeaway from this? People are all the same and we ought to cut each other a damn break and stop judging people by how they look. Horses don’t judge by how we look, they judge us by what we do. Are horses smarter than people? 😉

  15. ErykaSoleil says:

    This is awesome! Also, 1:30 and the response was pure gold. “Sure, I like to share.” ?

  16. Mike Nunyabizness says:

    This is paying tribute to real black history and they don’t even know. One in every three cowhands were black in the west. Black men were some of the first to run cattle in the west. And yes cowhands, drovers or stockmen because ” Cowboys ” were actually a specific group of outlaws that were named that, it wasn’t a general term for a lifestyle like now. Google Cochise County Cowboys or even Bill Picket.

    • jdtroup198683 says:

      And Bill Pickett Classic

    • Tosh ChanDen says:

      I was thinking that they would mention a little of the history in this segment, but I still love what they are doing for the community. They are making their own history, and that’s great too!

    • ElPayasoMalo says:

      The word “cowboy” was used to describe guys that worked on a ranch tending cattle. The word and term predate that gang by over one hundred years. It wasn’t like people in Arkansas and Texas quit using the word “cowboy” because of a large gang in Arizona, any more than us today not using the word because it’s used for a sports team. It’s analogous to Spanish “vaquero.”

  17. ArcaJ says:

    This is literally what it’s like in southeast Houston, TX. People riding horses in the hood.

    My childhood right there. ?

  18. Kaito Shion says:

    They forgot to mention how this is also a big push back against the media “whitewashing” of cowboy culture opening the doors to other minorities who look up to it but feel like they’re barred because of their skin color (and yes, I am aware that we can all consciously decide for ourselves and take the reigns pun intended, I’m talking more about the subconscious effects which are more profound than they should be)

    • Tosh ChanDen says:

      The schools whitewash the history as well. I have learned most of black history from my family growing up, and I continue to pass it on to my kids.

  19. Imdat Chik says:

    3:21 one of the sexiest cowboys I have EVER seen ???

  20. Gautam Sarathy says:

    You do realize a lot of old-time cowboys were black, Latino, or Native American men, right?

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