How The Revenant Should Have Ended

How The Revenant Should Have Ended

How The Revenant Should Have Ended. Glass wasn’t the only one on a cross country trek for revenge.

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20 Responses


    what’s the name of song n the end?

  2. Emmett Brown says:

    The funny thing is in the story, Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio’s
    character), fought a mother bear with 2 cubs in the actual story.

  3. Natty S says:


  4. HolandaChiquita says:

    I love Smeagol/Gollum in this! Hilarious!

  5. Syed Mubashir says:

    1:56 WHAT THE HELL?!?! COPYRIGHT 2015?!?! *chokes to death*

  6. J Sagy says:

    Good to see you make videos that aren’t based on blockbuster films keep it

  7. Junaid says:

    These videos used to be funny

  8. Jevgeni Kasevits says:

    what the track in the end?

  9. Ahmed Rasekh says:

    That Tom Hardy impression was spot on!

  10. raysmashbrawl176 says:

    when is the batman v Superman one coming?

  11. RossOriginals says:

    Goat-scream is the new Wilhelm scream!

  12. Zaber Ansary says:

    But that was a Papa bear right?

  13. Josua Ndikum says:

    this is a waste of time

  14. Anton Ymus Diwers says:

    Way better work than that of the guys from “Honest Trailers”. It was funny,
    but not stupid as the “honest trailer”…

  15. lukesuperflyjones says:

    Gollum should of won the Oscar.

  16. MultiAmmar2000 says:

    “The Revenant” Aka the most overrated movie of the year

  17. Yunus Emre Aslan says:

    Do not you think occasional subtitles

  18. coolmex20 says:

    congrats to the baby bears for winning an award lol

  19. songokies says:

    do they still do games hishe

  20. Alex Rios says:

    well that kinda sucked guys. I mean what to put in the effort -_-