How the World Baseball Classic Changed Baseball

How the World Baseball Classic Changed Baseball

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40 Responses

  1. Nicholas Tanzi says:

    The WBC literally had a Hollywood ending. If you were to ask any baseball fan before the tournament what they wanted to see, they would say Ohtani vs Trout in 9th inning with two outs. Absolutely incredible tournament

    • Soarin Skies says:

      @Ghost of More Dishes More Bitches bruh for real they were chucking past their prime entities like Adam Wainwright out there who looked like he had nothing each time he pitched. No Verlander, No Cole, no Scherzer, No Kershaw, No burnes, and no Max Fried. It was a miracle USA got as far as they did.

    • spykeex69 says:

      It’s even more than most people believe, Trout in the MLB has only had 24 strikes ever where he has swung at. That at bat v Shohei he had 3….

    • Antonio Soranno says:

      Maybe next time the USA should send some of their top pitchers.

    • orbitprodutions says:

      @ScrubExpress I was at the game. People who love sports won this game. What an amazing game

    • WestPacBrims says:

      “it’s the perfect crime” – Patrick Star 😂

  2. CZsWorld says:

    I’m so glad we don’t have to wait 4 years until the next one!

  3. Adrian Riddell says:

    The Mexico Vs Japan semi final I thought was one of the best complete games of baseball I’ve ever seen, what a tournament, well done everyone.

  4. de132 says:

    The American players who participated have my respect. Telling coaching staffs to ignore restrictions, rallying amongst each other. It was very cool to see as an American fan who wants to see baseball grow

    • Wilkes McDermid says:

      @Travis Shultz  I guess only soccer and UFC maybe possibly boxing.

    • JGL says:

      @Nabongs wrong. Soccer is watched by billions even if cricket fans started watching baseball that still wouldn’t do anything

    • Travis Shultz says:

      ​@Wilkes McDermid The only global sport then would be Soccer.

      But then again, when I look at what sports are getting huge attendances it’s important to note how many games are being played in a season. Baseball and Basketball are the only sports playing over a hundred games in a season, and that’s why they’re not being seen in front of 80,000 people.

      The NBA is popular in Australia because of broadcasting and streaming deals that actually make them accessible to anyone who wants to watch it. The NBL of Australia isn’t very big though. Same for Euro basketball. It might be played in a lot of countries, but there’s not that many people in the crowd. And that probably plays to the fact that they play a lot of games in a season.

    • Wilkes McDermid says:

      @King Dingaling  Mookie Betts is a better fit for the US team plus Harper has history of injuries and not as good defensively anymore and offers not much speed anymore. Also, any pitcher can lose any game. Verlander has a history of choking in big games.

    • King Dingaling says:

      Yea , but USA still didn’t even have their Best Team .
      So everyone in Japan getting all excited but it still doesn’t matter
      Because 3-2 and US didn’t even have their Best Team
      Especially on The Mound .
      US has so much better pitching
      No Verlander or Scherzer or …. Or …. Exactly
      Imagine adding Bryce Harper and deGrom to that as well with Verlander & Scherzer

  5. Halfasian _ says:

    The ignorance of some networks and casters, particularly in America to write off the WBC just feels so insane. This WBC has brought so many fans to the game and reignited the excitement in so many ex-fans. Ohtani is the only reason I keep up to date with the mlb anymore and to see so many people reflect this is exciting. The WBC bridges the international audience with the MLB and this most recent tourney is a prime example of that. I hope that sentiment of the tournament continues to change for the better and that more american fans see the value in it.

    • George S. says:

      @Mike O’Malley I think it has more to do with these baseball “experts,” and pundits not identifying with the World Cup element of sports. For them, it’s all about the Show. If it’s not a World Series, it doesn’t matter. For the casual fan, I think we can see the excitement and get behind the idea that this is HUGE. It’s insanely fun to have each country going for “gold,” every few years. The viewership refelcts as much.

    • Tyrion Strongjaw says:

      I think it was also pretty telling the backlash a lot of those people were getting. I wish the video would’ve touched on that a bit more, but players/former players and fans came down pretty hard on those hating on the WBC.

    • Mike O'Malley says:

      Anyone criticizing the WBC is just scared of it not being “America’s sport” anymore. But it already isn’t. And it makes it wayyyy more fun to watch. And ironically, more of the US will watch baseball now!

  6. LazyRebel says:

    It’s pretty sad that America downplays the WBC. Just look at all the other countries. You can just see the passion and what the WBC means to them. The crowds gave me the chills. I loved it.

    • Ellen Ripley says:

      I mean, Americans called their baseball finals World series. They think they are the world.

    • James smith says:

      ​@Crackhead I haven’t really watched it but I do love baseball and I’m always checking to see how America did. Even if I don’t watch ever event in the Olympics I’m still wanting America to win the Gold medal even if it’s in something I think isn’t that important like the equestrian events

    • James smith says:

      If I was good enough to play in the MLB I would always be one of the first to say sign me up for the WBC.

    • John-Del says:

      Sad? Look, it just doesn’t interest a lot of Americans. I happen to enjoy it but it is what it is. The good thing is that so many other baseball loving nations love it.

  7. jadd6810 says:

    When this went to single elimination, things turned up. Win or go home. It made every game feel like game 7 of the World Series. Some of the loudest baseball crowds I’ve heard on TV.

    • Riley Esmay says:

      @Boingo Doingo  Well I graduated high school in Oregon, so I didn’t have to know anything to graduate😂

    • James smith says:

      I know it’s a risk for the players but I think during the non WBC year they should do something similar to the Little league World series and have different tournaments and the winners get to play in the WBC

    • Boingo Doingo says:

      ​@Riley EsmayColumbia is the capital of South Carolina. Colombia is the country

    • Brian Meen says:

      @Fryncyar YorvjinkI honestly would like to see it be double elimination but I get why some might not want it. Single elimination is rough though

    • Elijah Wilkey says:

      @Ronld It needs to get to the level of the Cricket and Rugby World cup first before thinking of getting anywhere close to the FIFA World Cup

  8. Ethan Packer says:

    As a Canadian I am very proud of how our country performed and are also very happy for Japans Win (I was rooting for you guys)

  9. Aidan Phipps says:

    I didn’t even know who to root for in the final. I respected both teams so much. Best WBC to date hands down.

    • Fuzz Bawls says:

      As an american, I would have been happy with either team winning, but was actually rooting for Japan…AND the final out being Ohtani vs Trout…I was not disappointed

  10. Arthur says:

    As a brazilian baseball fan, the WBC was THE most fun i had watching baseball in a looooong time. All the stories that this tournament had, all the fun and exciting games, all the massive, massive talent pool on all teams made this so incredible that is asinine (at least to me) that someone says that this is “an exhibition tournament”. Whole countries get moved by it and so many other countries get interested in baseball. Just the fact that my friends, who NEVER watched baseball, asked me about “Whos that Ohtani guy? is incredible.

    • Cody Ives says:

      I hope the sport grows in Argentina and Brazil, since they already dominate in soccer/football.

    • DrVanNostrand says:

      Muito bem

    • Wilkes McDermid says:

      @Omar Amador There been a few Brazilians in the MLB before I remember a guy for the Royals 2015 WS team who hit a walk off homer run.

    • Omar Amador says:

      I remember in the 90’s some Pan-American Games that Brazil baseball team was loaded by Brazilian-Japanese for me was 😮😮😮😮😮😮 because I never though that could happen so let’s do this for the baseball let’s keep alive

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