how tiktok saved my life #shorts

how tiktok saved my life #shorts

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  1. THE SIBLINGS says:

    I love how alex is so positive and smiling while telling this story if it were me I’d be crying my eyes out and it is awesome that they told you otherwise it could have been real bad

  2. [JN]LilNey says:

    Alex: *talking about skin cancer*

    Also Alex: “ The world is a wonderful place!”

  3. Gryffindor Queen says:

    With all the crazy stuff happening in the world and in my life… Im glad to have you guys as my internet adopted parents

  4. 🍊 Le Yoongle 🍊 says:

    “This is a perfect reminder that the world is a wonderful place”


  5. 🐷reed_girls🐸 says:

    Please keep making these positive videos! I was crying and 20 mins later after watching your vids I felt human again. Love y’all so much!

  6. RhZ GaMeR says:

    Rock that was close. Also can we play anything Psychological Horror? Like DDLC?

  7. CentricPlanet says:

    I saw this on tiktok a while ago, still brings a warmth to my heart knowing the world could be a pretty good place 💖

  8. Master Gamez says:

    “The world is a wonderful place”
    North Korea: Am I a joke to you?

  9. MysteryGirl13❤️ says:

    I’m so so glad your ok! Some people in this world are amazing❤️

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