How To Be A Feminist for Halloween!

How To Be A Feminist for Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! But despite it being a ton of fun it is also PACKED with sexist and racist costumes and objectifications. But fear not! Join Laci on this week’s episode of Braless to find out ways you can help make halloween a little less offensive. Watch the episode to find out!


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Laci Green and MTV have teamed up to bring you Braless. We bring a smart, uninhibited take on subjects like pop culture, politics, and history; all through the lens of gender, equality, and a little thing called feminism. Check back every Friday for new videos.

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20 Responses

  1. Jorge Figueroa says:

    You know Laci, a lot of us would love to see your breasts out in the open,
    since it’s an expression of how strong you are as a woman… you know.

  2. Sting ray Jr. says:

    Laci, how stupid are you, not only have I never seen a sexy little girl
    costume but they do have a huge selection for what they want to dress up
    as, seriously, do you do any actual research other then Tumbler

  3. MrBluefalcon77 says:

    the Chinese are “superior” in China, the Africans are “superior” in Africa,
    the Indians are “superior” in India… Why is Laci Green against equality
    for whites in their own countries???

  4. T C says:

    “Ha Ha!” -Nelson

  5. Jarvis101 says:

    I hope you get shot

  6. Jarvis101 says:

    I’m just gonna go to everyone of her videos and dislike em

  7. ronin10bt says:

    If women did not buy those costumes, they would not still be making them.
    Just sayin.

  8. AlbabKabab says:

    Showing Skin is Slutty!!!! The only reason women show skin is to look
    sexy.. Sexxx.yyy. It attracts men… Women like that should be ashamed .
    people are all shameless. u go to beach and u see pretty much naked girls
    running around

  9. Hegert Lulaj says:

    It’s funny because she’s fat and they don’t make sexy costumes for women
    her size (not that anyone would want to see her in one even if there was).
    Try focusing on your diet more than feminism you fat bitch.

  10. itzmyquan says:


  11. Kobe says:

    So we shouldn’t shame women for dressing in a way that’s provocative, but
    we also shouldn’t objectify them like they’re doing to themselves by
    wearing such outfits?

    And what if a man dressed in a provocative costume or outfit? Many/most
    women would immediately either label him as a pig or objectify him. Yet for
    some reason it’s completely fine when a woman does it.

    When feminists are trying to make points against men, at least try to make
    some sense, please.

  12. Phantomhive says:

    Basically, dress how you want with zero peer pressure or societal
    influence! If you do/don’t want to wear a sexy costume because it makes you
    happy and has nothing to do with how society or your friends want you to
    look, then you wear what you want and strut it! Also, make sure you are not
    being disrespectful to an entire group of people with your costume (or an
    individual person).
    Though Laci, I *really* gotta disagree on the cultural costume thing. I am
    assuming you just worded it wrong, but it implied you should never dress in
    anything that does not represent your own culture.
    I mean, *really*?! REALLY, Laci?
    I have a strong, powerful love (nearly an obsession) with Japanese culture.
    I think geishas are historically the most beautiful and memorizing dancers
    in history (though I pity the fact many of them were abducted and sold,
    forced to be a geisha instead of doing so willingly).
    If I chose to do lots of research on the geisha and put together an outfit
    as culturally accurate as possible (that I could afford), does that still
    make me culturally insensitive and rude just because I don’t have a drop of
    asian blood in me?

    If you agree with what I said, Laci, please make sure your script writers
    do a better job at ensuring you are not shaming people for doing good
    things when you are trying to shame the bad aspect.

  13. Bret Z says:

    How about we cancel Halloween and become whiny sniveling brats like the
    girl in the video above. “Wah, fun is the devil”. These feminists are akin
    to modern day Puritans, but less reasonable with a touch of extremist

  14. Dank Salamander says:

    How to be a Feminist for Halloween in 3 easy steps:
    1. Dress as a man
    2. Look into mirror
    3. Yell at reflection for oppressing you

  15. Andrew “Andross” Behrens says:

    I’m going as you. you know cuz stupid

  16. qwer4o says:

    Wow. So much lose in one video…

  17. micheal germain says:

    I would like to point out that many people now a days dress up as things
    they like, so dressing up as an Indian or a geisha or in black face doesn’t
    mean it is racist or culturally demeaning. most of the time it’s quite the
    opposite, like for example I went for Halloween as a woman, does that mean
    I was making fun of women, or making my gender seem superior to yours? no,
    it means I thought it would be fun so I fucking did it, not because I’m
    sexist but because it was fun

  18. Gandalf The Gay says:

    How to be a feminist for halloween:
    Step 1: Kill yourself

  19. Colby Durette says:

    2:45 North America doesn’t have a culture. That’s why we steal from others.

  20. Adrian Gee says:

    Why am I watching this? :