How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 12 – with JP Sears

How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 12 – with JP Sears

How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life

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Being gluten free used to be a luxury only reserved for those who are intolerant to gluten. With this cutting edge gluten educational video, you can become gluten intolerant too, whether or not you’re actually intolerant to gluten. In the new age, if you’re not living gluten free, you’re getting left behind. Here’s your chance to jump on the new age conscious band wagon!

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18 Responses

  1. Tinker Diggens says:

    Geez I’d rather get a tummy ache and sneeze than bear the horrible
    pain&assault to my happiness of never eating bread & pasta again.

  2. Rob K Music says:

    Best… video… EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oleg Perejogin says:

    via +Andrew Webb 

  4. Sallie Alys Montuori says:

    This series is great; if you know someone who’s “gluten free” for all the
    wrong reasons (e.g. they don’t have an actual diagnosed intolerance) odds
    are they’re going to act a bit like this:

  5. spineblaZe says:

    This is my new favorite thing.

  6. aroradreem says:

    Thanks for the laughs! I was feeling touchy about this topic lately because
    I have Hashimoto’s disease and likely truly sensitive to gluten so doc put
    me off it. I would love nothing more than a huge greasy gluten filled pizza
    right now!!

  7. subject010x says:

    wait does this video have gluten in it?> ‘cuz i can’t watch it if it does

  8. Andrew Cato says:

    love it!!!

  9. Doreen Dotan says:

    Maybe this should be called: How to Become a Gluten Intolerant Intolerant

    Without going into nasty symptoms details, when I stopped eating wheat; I
    got healthier in a matter of days.
    I eat other grains that have natural balances of gluten in them, but not
    wheat because wheat has been bred to have very unnatural amounts of gluten.

    You’re almost sensitive and deep.

  10. Chris Duane says:

    This video is ignorant. All over America, people are complaining of bowel
    problems, diarrhea, IBS, colitis and other strange, unknown bowel
    malfunctions. I have a sister who thinks like you do who almost craps in
    her pants everyday because she can’t get to the toilet fast enough, I lost
    a brother and another sister to complications from celiac disease. He
    ignored it and kept eating wheat. The inflammation gluten caused in his
    body undoubtedly contributed to his lethal heart attack. My deceased sister
    became malnourished because gluten destroys your ability to absorb
    important nutrients. She died of a blood clot in her lung. This video is
    as ignorant as making fun of diabetes and those who are pre-diabetic,
    analogous to full blown celiac and gluten sensitivity.
    I challenge you to read Dr. William Davis’ book Wheat Belly or at least
    watch his lecture on youtube and learn something valuable other than being
    a smug moron.

  11. Nathan Hunter says:


  12. kross65 says:

    Excellent video. I made a video once that had one throw away line making
    fun of the trend of gluten intolerance and I’ve never gotten so much hate
    before. One guy even posted my video to his gluten forum to encourage
    people to come onto my video to leave hate comments for my intolerance. For
    some reason they all assume that making fun of people who are being
    trendily gluten free is not the same as making fun of the rare people with
    a real disease such as celiac (which obviously nobody is making fun of).

  13. kross65 says:

    I hope that water you drank with the gluten free bread was also gluten
    free. You didn’t even check first!

  14. Jamie Miller says:

    GLUTEN KILLED GHANDI ….. lol …. 

  15. Hayley Rodgers says:

    This was awesome, and I love that you started out with a moment about
    actual gluten issues, as in “Yes, this is real, I am making fun of those
    who DON’T really have it”

  16. David Nelson says:

    Thanks dude, this video had gluten, I now have explosive bloody diarrhea.

  17. JimmyRustles says:

    I know he’s playing a role but i still wanna glass this cunt.

  18. James Cowan says:

    Its the latest thing >_<