How To Childproof Your Home Before A Visit From Trump

How To Childproof Your Home Before A Visit From Trump

With the NATO summit in Brussels coming up soon, world leaders are making sure there aren’t any sharp corners or bottles of bleach within reach.

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20 Responses

  1. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Shonda Rhimes may end Scandal, but Donald Trump is starting five new ones.

  2. Annie parker says:

    Can we ship all the trumptards to some long lost Island cuz I’m sick of them

  3. bloopblob says:

    Ah, I can already hear the lovely sound of trump being impeached. Also fantastic job as per usual Stephen.

  4. PhantomKaratOfficial says:

    I watch these clips every morning from the UK. I love this show!

  5. wubbalubba dubdub says:

    Canada here, we’ll send our navy mooses if you need help dragging him out of office

  6. Pontius888 says:

    Orange is the new imPEACHment!!!!

  7. Jason Blade says:

    Buckle up for Trump first foreign trip… it will be an embarrassment

  8. Jason Blade says:

    Hey congrats Trumptards, you elected a MORON to the highest office in the land…… like really for the exercise??? How stupid you have to be?????
    but you pissed off “liberals” so you guys are satisfied just by that….
    Isn’t it miserable to find satisfaction in “tears” from others?
    You Trumpcucks need to check yourself

  9. jdy fjgj says:

    I’m against the death penalty but can we make an exception with donald trump?

  10. Vu Pham says:

    Can we build a wall around Donald Trump, he’s one bad hombre!!

  11. Anna Månsson says:

    I love you Stephen but no, Donald Trump is not president of the world. But the fact that he thinks so, and the fact that a large part of America believes so strongly in it’s “superiority” is a big problem. The sooner America realizes it’s a country among other countries, the better.

  12. Nisa Jensen says:

    Trump = Orange.
    Gold fishes = Orange.
    Trump’s attention span = Gold fish.

  13. Sir John says:

    Fun to see that America thinks Trump is the predident of the world….

  14. Holy Atheist says:

    The fact that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am more intelligent than a millionaire, makes me feel a little better about myself.

  15. Shardul juyal says:

    “Human body is a battery… which exercise depletes.”

    Well that explains the new (and yet unknown) healthcare plan.

    But seriously after Nixon, Regan, Bush I&II, and Trump, why do people need to do some people still believe in Republicans.
    Only Regan was a half decent guy, but his voodoo economics and Reganomics effectively created the wealth gap.

  16. theadsheep says:

    The US leader of the free world lol.
    You lost that status with Bush, Obama almost repaired it.
    Then came Trump and simply crushed it.

  17. Jh Kj says:

    “Traditionally, Trump-proofing means locking the door to the Miss USA dressing room”


    (Because Trump used to walk in on naked pageant contestants, even underage ones. Fucking disgusting pig.)

  18. Ry Sun says:

    NATO is requesting world leaders to use simple language and compliment Trump on occasion. He will also have an interpreter to translate big wôrds.

  19. The Philosopher says:

    “Finite amount of energy”
    I surely hope his “Battery” runs out before all human race vanishes…
    For the love of whatever you believe in.. how can someone be totally uneducated yet become the president of the “Free World”…
    Ah yes, Money!

  20. Mike Feng says:

    I’m from the free world. Your useless president is not my leader. You can keep repeating that to make yourself feel better, but that’s gonna make it true.

    Merkel is the leader of the free world.

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