How to chop an ONION using CRYSTALS with Jamie Oliver

How to chop an ONION using CRYSTALS with Jamie Oliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver talks us through the three different ways to cut an onion, from the traditional half way chop to his preferred methods of tea towels, squashing and using his latest range of kitchen crystals. SUBSCRIBE:
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20 Responses

  1. southchum101 says:

    So much faggotry.

  2. Jake Mumma says:

    You sir are a genius! Bravo!

  3. TehDubba says:

    Ha. Really funny. And yet Gordon Ramses is twenty times more successful
    than you.

  4. SnowyDoes says:

    thumbs up

  5. Chris Wager says:

    This is hilarious! Reminds me a lot of a 2 Ronnies sketch — very clever!

  6. gothyke says:

    This is absolutely amazing! The studio, the clothes, the editing! just wow

  7. Dominique Plume says:

    How to Chop an Onion Using Crystals (with Jamie Oliver)

  8. Dlipford360 says:

    funny, but I didn’t realize this was another celebrity chef. I thought
    this was you being a dummie.

  9. Rob England says:

    I love that Jamie is a food guru who doesn’t fall for woo.
    Intelligent common sense.
    Sort of the exact opposite of the Food Babe.

  10. So5loW says:

    What just happened?

  11. Alfred Wednt says:

    I did mine with Meth crystals. :D

  12. Hereson says:

    Omg. Thanks! <3

  13. Atom Man says:

    I usually blend my onions– add some to the food and drink the rest up–

  14. WhackyCast says:

    These are the best! My god I laugh my ass of every time, you guys rock! xD

  15. Seth Portland says:

    LOL You cracked me up this was really good. There are people who actually
    think rocks and magic energy in the air can heal you and do magical things
    like this LOL.

  16. Rebeca Renovato says:

    omg, the gordon ramsay framed photo ahahahahah

  17. Greninja Lets Play says:


  18. GTA Freak says:

    Fancy schmancy!

  19. Brian Campuzano says: