How To Clean Yeezy’s 👟

How To Clean Yeezy’s 👟

How To Clean Yeezy shoes 👟

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46 Responses

  1. Brandon Flinn says:

    “You just ruined the yeezys” gtfoh

    • N Boon says:

      This dude hearting peoples comments because he can’t handle the negative feedback. Maybe listen to what people are saying and make some content that doesn’t make your viewers want to claw their eyes out from pure cringe.

    • Bojangles The Wizard says:

      @N Boon or blow out there eardrums so they don’t have to listen to his narration

  2. Jaron Henderson says:

    With war, plague, death and sadness in the world, it’s nice to see this comment section come together to tell this dude how dumb this whole video was

  3. J FORCEuk says:

    I’d give the Yeezys to my dog.

    To tear up obviously

  4. •Izuku Midoriya• says:

    “What is that white stuff you’re putting on the Jeezies?“ Mans don’t know what soap is?

    Edit: Omg thank you for all the likes!

  5. Dark Season says:

    One word to describe this man: cringe

  6. Aaron Playz says:

    I hope this is the guy everyone decides to hate for the decade or century

    • Pockii says:

      Nah. There’s another one who legit didn’t know what mud was. Can’t remember the name of the dude but lord I hope I never come across him because of the algorithm!

  7. Banjo Tanner says:

    I never thought I’d hear a completely unattractive British accent.

    You’ve done it, man.

  8. amelia ! says:

    literally the pinnacle of content. a man wearing pixelated glasses narrating everything we can already see with no meaningful commentary. thanks youtube algorithm, i *really* wanted to see this 👍

  9. Jesse Royer says:

    “Wasn’t even dirty.” Shows the bottom of the shoe literally change colours.

  10. oshu says:


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