How To Cool Down Your Computer

How To Cool Down Your Computer

Today I show you how to quickly lower the temperature of your computer. Is your computers temperature rising? Act quickly to avoid permanent damage to your PC! Computers can easily overheat if you don’t take steps to reduce their temperate. This technique will not only reduce your computers temperature, it will also heavily reduce noise. That’s right! Follow the easy step by step instructions in this video & your computers temperature will be drastically lowered as well as your computers noise being heavily reduced making your PC practically silent when running.

This technique works best on Computers. If you need help reducing the temperature of your Laptop watch this video:
How To Cool Down Your Laptop ►

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  1. Patrick Johnson says:

    Remember when this guy did not say anything? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  2. Jo Jo says:

    Thank you so much now I know how to cool down my computer !

  3. Karsuuue says:


  4. Max Reinhardt says:

    im reporting this.. it put windows vista on my computer and deleted all my
    egg porn.

  5. Dompi2005 says:

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  6. Hijriani Khoirunnisa says:

    rip headphone users

  7. Leon and42 says:

    Nice turtorial worked for me thank you

  8. Nikai Schut says:


  9. Liliana The Fox says:

    To:770 people
    why did you dislike?

  10. Tyler Kondziolka says:

    This is so misleading. I ended up buying a mac for some reason

  11. jacob laws says:

    It works

  12. നിന്റെ തന്ത says:

    *slapstick at its best* *you must have pretty much patient neighbhours,
    hope they arent muslims*

  13. Josh Martin says:

    Do you know how many pools could’ve ate that computer?

  14. Onyx The Mineral says:


  15. mariomartinez61310 says:

    too funny bruh ????

  16. basti329 says:

    That underwater part… ?

  17. matias GARSIA says:

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  18. Froozer M says:

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    اشبكه 220 وانا اضمن لك انه يشتغل

  19. Eden Resausk says:

    Swag, now my Potato PC can Run Fallout 4 maxed.

  20. CleanAndDistorted says:

    Just took it to next level ?