How to Copper Plate a Coin with Copper Sulfate – Science Experiment

How to Copper Plate a Coin with Copper Sulfate – Science Experiment

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20 Responses

  1. Phaitaras says:

    Boom luke at dis

  2. Scott Gomis says:

    its sulphate not sulfate

  3. Red Dot says:


  4. Blixxaed Soumyadeep says:


  5. Abhay Gamer14 says:


  6. e b says:

    Boom come check out my other channel where i re-re upload videos

  7. Down Under Tech says:

    I did that in school almost a year ago and it still looks the same the day
    i did it, the only reason is cause i left it in to long on purpose

  8. Mindis Nesvarbu says:

    where ‘BOOM’?

  9. Karan sahota says:

    Woww amazing

  10. Nanthujan Srikanthy says:

    all videos he say only BOOM look all videos. It has not video that he
    dosen`t say BOOM :O)

  11. unknown faggot says:

    Was i the only one who realized the battery change

  12. Munsheen Chan says:

    Sorry Crazy Russian Hacker, but I think that is Copper (II) Sulfate instead
    of what you wrote. Hope you’ll be able to edit that soon Thanks :D

  13. Ardit TubeHD says:

    you are going good now thumbs up

  14. metallitech says:

    Did you DMCA thunderf00t’s video? YIgV2Q8Leh0

  15. TheVineTricks1 says:

    We actually did that at school but with a key!

  16. Yana Rich says:

    Ne slyshai etix predyrkov,kotorie tyt tebe pishyt stol’ko otrizatel’nogo.
    Delai,shto ti delaesh i ydachi tebe;)

  17. Soorya prabagar says:

    “sabeti ais numbar oneh periodity”

  18. Victor Pennacino says:

    its called oxydoreduction in french

  19. thegriefer142 says:

    its sulf8

  20. Darkx Godfather says:

    Isn’t that illegal. . . a federal crime.