how to create the weeknd’s “blinding lights”

how to create the weeknd’s “blinding lights”

hey guys! this video took way too long to make but i hope you like it. i’m in no way an animator so i just tried doing my best on my own. didn’t watch any tutorials on animation or anything so i’m sure it could have been way better in tons of ways. basically, i just went into photoshop and traced/drew frame by frame and then put it all together.

and yes i used those items to create the sounds you’re hearing.

ok anyway thanks for watching!

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47 Responses

  1. SethEverman says:

    thank you for all the support always. let’s see how fast this video gets copyright claimed.

  2. Killing Frenzy says:

    me: Ma’am, may I be excused to use the toilet?
    Teacher: Yes, go ahead.

    me using the toilet 0:22

  3. KyleDaSweat says:

    i’m sorry but something about this made me laugh 3x harder than when i laughed at bad guy :/

    • 3.37k subs with no videos says:

      Yeah but imagine if the other parts weren’t included and it was him awkwardly playing with mario figures 😂

  4. klarigi4219 says:

    At first I wasn’t paying attention, and at the end I was like “what the fck happened?!”

  5. Erica Liu says:

    retail agent: as you can see, the couch and toilet come with the house


    *wonderful, an orchestra*

  6. I_Inferno says:

    i was too lazy to animate a chair.
    -seth everman, 2020.

  7. Rough says:

    For Future reference

    2020 ½: stuff we watch at 3 am

    2021: anyone watching while quarantine?

    2022: got this in my recommended ..

    2023: 2023 anyone?

    And so on it goes ….

  8. Seth Colby says:

    i’m sure the people who make fan fictions really loved the addition of mario and bowser kissing
    “write it down , write it down”

  9. tuksuu says:

    0:39 that text on up legt corner:
    How can a video this short take so long time to make

  10. Any How says:

    Seth probably just sitting in his bathroom taking his dump while listening to Blinding Lights and his closet falls down while making the exact same sound as it is in the song

  11. Toasty Boi says:

    Seth: Has an idea
    Couch: “chuckles” I’m in danger.

  12. SidMusic says:

    Normal artists: I am in a band

    Seth, while banging couch: *I am the band*

  13. Julia Red says:

    Someone: „Edge returning to WWE is the biggest comeback in 2020“

    Me: „THE COUCH“

  14. ORA ORA ORA says:


    Seth: You are not immune to *PROPAGANDA*

  15. Mayank kumar says:

    Teacher: so you used to play the Couch?

    Seth: I play it sometimes but now I have been trying out a new instrument.

    Teacher: Which one?
    Seth: The toilet.


  16. TofisHyper says:

    SethEverman: Write a bald meme comment
    The Hole Internet: *The Return Of The King*

  17. Spectacular J says:

    Seth : “I was too lazy to animate the chair”

    *the chair feels nothing but pain*

  18. Walnut Coffee says:

    Expensive instrument : *exists*
    Seth: “We don’t do that here”

  19. Wahyu Ikhsan says:

    Salesman : *slaps the couch* “this bad boy can produce a song”
    Seth : “Yis!”

  20. dutoiu hour says:

    Nobody: Seth: smashes two toys together to form “meow”

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