How To Detect A Secret Nuclear Test

How To Detect A Secret Nuclear Test

Thanks to the CTBTO for helping keep the world safe by detecting secret nuclear tests.

Music by Nathaniel Schroeder

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19 Responses

  1. Zuhab Wasim says:

    Thank you MinutePhysics for informing us on news that the North American
    media won’t tell us!

  2. chumppi says:

    Bad drawings, check
    Bad audio quality, check
    Doing the same thing but worse as asapscience, check.

  3. Stefan de Jong says:

    Yeaaaaaah, America is never going to sign that. If someone ends the earth,
    it’s either America, Russia, South Korea or China

  4. Broken English says:

    ‘I am become death, the destroyer of worlds’

  5. EB Productions says:

    god fucking dammit usa… get your fucking shit together.
    I fucking hate you you fucking selfish cunts

  6. Douglas baiense says:


  7. Killer Games says:

    This has came out on the day I bought Fallout: New Vegas ironic right?

  8. StevieRay9O says:

    Correction; The CTBTO isn’t ‘making’ the world a safer-place, but ‘trying’
    to make it safe as it’s hamstrung until the treaty is signed (which none of
    those other nations will even consider until the USA signs)!

  9. Great Wolf says:

    Wouldn’t China, India, USA and rest of the non signatory countries, alone
    make up the majority of world population. If so, is the world actually
    waiting for these countries to sign the treaty?

  10. Eapple Gamerz says:

    Alien 2: don’t worry, they have it pointed at themselves.
    Alien 3: but they ain’t afraid to detonate it anywhere else. They tried to
    explode one on the moon.

    …this is some good facts.

  11. PinkChucky15 says:

    Awesome video!

  12. Michael Sheridan says:

    nice video that i was able to follow without getting lost

  13. Owen Maas says:

    As soon as you can assure that there won’t be big organizations that can
    carry a nuclear threat (I’m looking at you, middle eastern terrorist
    organizations) then the nuclear superpowers will be happy to sign your
    treaty. But you can’t. And you never will. The fact that the un can’t
    contain the threat after decades of work proves this. The Russians have
    been fighting this battle way longer than anybody and even they can’t
    control it, which is saying something considering how much land they can
    control and still keep monitoring. Give me a solution. One that will really
    Oh, and saying “jobs” doesn’t work. It’s been tried throughout history. The
    plan and principle fails every time. 

  14. Markus Blechschmidt says:

    Gamma ray detection satellites?

  15. LUXAETERNA6603 says:

    he called dem out dogs

  16. Cg Cacho says:

    98 people who disliked these belong to the countries that havent signed the

  17. sean43235 says:

    This just made me want Fallout 4 even more… Oh and cool video!

  18. MR. Mushroom says:

    Of course Israel is on there. They aren’t shy about trying to destroy

  19. Blindboard100 says:

    The people who haven’t signed the treaty, are the ones with the bombs…