How to drink your morning coffee in Norway by Trym Nordgaard

How to drink your morning coffee in Norway by Trym Nordgaard

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And no, I’m not making any money off of this.

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20 Responses

  1. delicious fishes says:

    Looks cold there. Pass.

  2. FunWithDumBees says:

    how are you sliding like that?

  3. Prek Grg says:

    The way he rolled his eyes!! 😂

  4. Сергей Светлаков says:

    Прям как у меня в Сибири

  5. AVI B says:

    he ain’t even drink it doe

  6. SpriJones says:

    One of the baddest muthafuckers of all time.

  7. Leo says:

    Imagine if he fell LOL

  8. DrewEon says:


  9. dun498 says:

    Plot Twist: He’s actually drinking tea.

  10. Roman Soldier says:

    Commenters say he’s still sliding to this day.

  11. Yαѕнιяσ Iѕαиα says:

    The girl walking on the sidewalk gives no fucks. She’s the real gangster.

  12. Themontybros FTW says:


  13. Miguel Arroyo says:

    you know your wifi is shit when you’re watching in 720p and it takes 2
    minutes to complete buffer…

  14. storm3698 says:

    what a beautiful place

  15. Yakov Sewon says:

    I just feel immense respect for this person, society needs more people like

  16. Jason V. says:

    later that night, he was found dead by drowning in pussy. r.i.p indeed

  17. Nerdy Division says:


  18. Brandon Jeppson says:

    Pauly Shore?

  19. Cedric Duncan says:

    He deserves every award

  20. ForeverDollz says:

    But he didn’t drink it.