How To Dry a Shirt in 30 Seconds

How To Dry a Shirt in 30 Seconds

Today I show you how to completely dry a shirt or any other piece of clothing in 30 seconds or less. I recently discovered this amazing trick that can dry any piece of clothing incredibly fast! I didn’t believe my eyes as my shirt magically became bone dry in a matter of seconds. I thought this method was too good to keep to myself, so I decided to make this video to share it with the world. Sick of waiting for your clothes to dry? Simply follow the step by step instructions in this video.

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53 Responses

  1. HowToBasic says:

    Don’t keep this incredibly useful life hack to yourself! SHARE IT:


  2. communism says:

    0:16 the *EGG* -K 47

  3. uriel galindo orozco says:

    Don’t know if you all saw it but *THAT FUCKING NAIL*

  4. RAZA gui says:

    The duck was so cute

  5. RainBowTheDragon says:

    An egg gun!? AMAZING!

  6. Spec Kops says:

    ur aim is terrible XD

  7. Androxus Godslayer says:

    “How To Dry a Shirt in 30 Seconds”

    *puts shirt in oven for 3 hours*

    Yeah. We all got clickbaited.

  8. Edhnel Proxy says:

    thanks very helpful video

  9. Yoyle Muffin says:

    1:23 Your nails

  10. RANDAM says:

    How to dry a shirt in 30 seconds
    *bake for 3 hours*
    Seems legit

  11. A very suicidal weeaboo. says:

    It takes 301 seconds.

    Reported for nudity.

  12. Mohammed ALBaker says:

    It didn’t work i think it has been patched

  13. PixelatedBrayden says:

    Video was 1:26 mins long… reported!

  14. Amina's Choice says:

    Now I dont need to use a dryer I can dry a shirt really fast,thx howtobasic

  15. Ashish Kumar says:

    Loved the Dolan Dark cameo!

  16. brayzbeats. says:

    But 3 hours are actually 10.800 seconds? Okay, close

  17. The Royal Memes says:

    Before 1m views

  18. They call me Alphabet says:

    *Thanks a lot* 😃

  19. Daddy Donald says:

    So is this your collab with Dolan Dark?

  20. CarbolicSoap says:

    I lost it at Green Grapes. #dead

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