how to equip LEGO® skins in fortnite..!

how to equip LEGO® skins in fortnite..!

how to equip LEGO® skins in fortnite..!
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Fortnite Chapter 5 season 1 has finally arrived, introducing characters like Peter Griffin, a new island, new weapons, the LEGO collab, Fortnite Festival, Fortnite’s new racing mode, and so much more- The new battle pass also features tons of cool characters, so here’s an XP map to help you level up your Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 battle pass insanely quick! 😏🗺️🏡

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43 Responses

  1. @Aid says:

    for those saying it doesnt work, youll have to wait until december 7th, like i said at the end of the video, but when december 7th arrives, this is how to do it:)


  2. @Nelux80 says:

    I really hope they add a full lego battle royale mode, literally like normal br just in lego textures

  3. @average3176 says:

    imagine how long they were planning this, changing all the skins and all the emotes into lego, that must’ve taken forever

  4. @user-rv9uy2iv4p says:

    Only bad thing about this season is the movement everything else is fine

  5. @tesloche9349 says:

    How cool would it be if Marvel and DC skins got lego versions since some already exist as Lego mini figures

  6. @Free.V-Bucks.0n.My.Profile. says:

    I like this season for the most part but my only 0robelms are
    1 – The new Locker UI’s , I kimda dislike them
    2 – The map , Its not bad but it is a bit overwhelming. Yes , Not under , over.
    But it is undeniably one of the greatest season yet

  7. @TransportForLuka says:

    That looks amazing, so smooth and clean, and the lego looks super high quality

  8. @LaciaisXHype says:

    The Billy bounce in Lego form got me dying on the floor 💀

  9. @Thecatfishguy says:

    I swear if they don’t add Lego chaos agent

  10. @J4ckFr0st says:

    so are these gonna be useable in br or no? it’d really be cool if there was selectable styles for the skins that you could use in br, you could just make the models bigger so they werent smaller

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