How To Fence

How To Fence

I head to a fencing club to learn the ancient art of fencing! It does not go well for me…



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49 Responses

  1. Nabie2 - Gaming says:

    Mark: “I’m about to be stabbed…”
    Sound effect: Gunshots and people screaming
    Me: Yep I think of guns when someone says stab.

  2. AntisocialCat G. says:

    You should do ballet!?

    (With Amy!!!!)

  3. Katelyn says:

    10/10 favourite part is the wrist floppy part at 3:56 xD

  4. Danger 066189 says:

    “I feel like there’s some baby’s I could really beat down.”

    -markimoo 2019

  5. Frank Plays says:

    By the title I thought he was building a fence for some reason.

  6. SinTanity says:

    omg i like her very much she’s really funny this was fun to watch

  7. xGo4TheGoldx says:

    This instructor is hilarious. I would love to learn fencing with someone like this.

  8. Sushi says:

    Carla: don’t want to point the weapon to somebody who is not wearing a face protection mask
    Carla: *points at mark*
    Mark: …like you just did?
    Carla: *yes*


    15% Fencing
    85% Screaming

    The Markimoo we all love :p

  10. Loulou23432 ɞೄ says:

    Mark: I’m super limber
    *inserts clip of mark screaming*

  11. AdonisplayZ KYT says:

    The instructor’s Sarcasm is priceless XD ?

  12. Jada Monk says:

    Instructor review:
    Super friendly
    Possibly a murderer
    So….. 10/10

  13. Shifting Caburnay says:

    This girl be like
    Ok so what ur gonna have to is… (10 seconds later) and thats all

    Person listening= died of stabbing

  14. Annike Downey says:

    He’s learned to horseback ride and now he’s learning to fence. Conclusion: _He’s training for war_

  15. KtheBae says:

    I think Mark finally found an instructor who can match his chaotic energy XD

  16. ranch dressing says:

    mark: What about that dummy
    the woman who loves stabbing people: oh that wont be as fun to stab as me as i can fight back

  17. ama loza says:

    The cameraman laughing at Mark getting stabbed is a mood lol

  18. Brielle Neels says:

    “Can I get my glasses?
    I just wanna _see_ death coming.”

    The funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

  19. Brielle Neels says:

    Mark: Not today!

    _Literally 2 seconds later_

    Mark: It’s today!

  20. Anna Brown says:

    I don’t know about you but I think next video he should try ballet dancing

    • Dillan Jones says:

      Anna Brown nope he should go snorkeling or swimming with sharks or even better he should take jack skydiving

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