How to Fill an Awkward Amount of Time

How to Fill an Awkward Amount of Time

Every Thursday, I’ve got a thing at 7:30 after work, and it takes me 37 minutes to get there? That’s why I go to the Awkward Amount of Time Station!

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20 Responses

  1. summer roses says:

    you can fill the time watching a YouTube video about filling the time

  2. setoishot says:

    Uh…. someone get on this! We NEED this as a society

  3. EchoCanyonWolf says:

    This needs to be a real thing

  4. Maria LeMasney says:

    This would actually make a good business lol

  5. IamtheJiminator! says:

    Why isn’t that an actual company? It would sell really well because people are stupid xD

  6. konohahurricane07 says:

    Sooooooooooooo many fuckin people just sit in their cars its ridiculous.

  7. Raychel McCaulla says:

    I need one of those plzzz

  8. Ishadeep Kaur says:

    Omg make this a thing

  9. CriticalPrime9 says:

    Someone please do this.

  10. Oi Noi says:

    I can’t find this in google maps D:

  11. Jakob Telschow says:

    At all the people in the comments who think this would be actually a success idea: It’s a good idea BUT how would you make profit with this? Your only income source are the snacks and drinks for covering the rent, electricity bills, paying maintenance, the staff etc. The snacks and drinks won’t even cover the costs.

  12. M3M3Police says:

    we need this on kickstarter

  13. Asad Rashid says:

    Never thought I’d be able to relate to something as strange/ wierd/ surreal/ bizzare/ unusual

  14. martialmichael126 says:

    This actually seems like a great buisness idea.

  15. mike jones says:

    How can time be awkward , everything is awkward these days to you people
    Why don’t you calm down

  16. No Yes says:

    This stuff is kinda funny but I hate all the fags in their cast.

  17. TheBillusBillus says:

    Not a bad business idea…

  18. YaBoyeGfly says:

    Y’all don’t see that expensive ass menu!?!?

  19. Ashton Zee says:


  20. blox dude says:

    I tried making a meme with one of zachs poses and was called a normie

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