How to Fit in the NBA

How to Fit in the NBA

Special thanks to my friends and former teammates

Wesley Johnson
Landry Fields
Jerome Jordan
DeAndre Jordan
Tyson Chandler
Kyle Korver
Dwight Howard
Steph Curry
Kemba Walker
Jason Rivera

Josh Fu –
Anson Ho –
Jason Lee –
James Ziegelbauer

Editing done by Whistle Sports Network ( )

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20 Responses

  1. Uncle Drew says:

    Lol did he open puzzle and dragons at 0:59

  2. swiperboy sb says:

    that hair cut is whack af. please cut it

  3. Justin Riray says:

    LMAO I died on 0:59 “1, 2, 3. I’m in the NBA, also…”

  4. weirdbun says:

    lol funny as shit

  5. 林子鵬 says:

    my nigga !!#TW

  6. Shelisha Sweets says:

    Yeahhh…Now I’m super excited to have Jeremy in Charlotte. This was too

  7. pepsi pepsiluv says:

    A great funny video of typical Lin’s style!!

  8. Ben Seibel says:


  9. Albert Lu says:

    Riley’s so cute. That ending hilarious. kkk

  10. BullyBadAssTV says:

    Very smart video!!! The NBA should be doing videos like this.

  11. Queen Meep says:

    riley…so cute!

  12. Alphonso Jenkins says:

    Riley is the cutest kid ever whatever she does looks cool

  13. Hassan K says:

    He was one hit wonder.

  14. wanda s says:

    This was so cute!!

  15. Marie Michel says:

    Love Steph’s shirt! Brothers in the faith! love it!

  16. toErehWon says:

    #i appreciate the biblical reference.

  17. LeRoy Gainey says:

    Aight Bet!…Straight up BX #Kemba

  18. Sensei Aishitemasu says:


  19. uareri27 says:

    When the skype call ended, I freaked out for a moment, I thought it was
    mine… hahah

  20. matters5 says:

    Invest in a microphone