How To Fix A Fire with a Broken Lighter

How To Fix A Fire with a Broken Lighter

What can you do when your lighter breaks or runs out of gas? You can still use it to start a fire, and here’s how.

Inspired by: “Survival Hacks”:

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20 Responses

  1. Hepuli Hepuli says:

    Please reply
    You Will make my day

  2. Bluntski says:

    cool stuff, now make one without anything you wouldn’t find in a forest.
    Like just use stick and dry grass.

  3. Poor Man's Preparing says:

    He makes a video, gets 60,000 views right away. I make similar one…. I
    get 200 lol

  4. Zohair Mohammad says:

    2:08 Hehe King of random exhales oxygen I thaught human exhales co2

  5. Joshua Keeney says:

    if it sparks and has no fuel its not broken its empty or ruptured it is
    only broken if it don’t spark

  6. Andrew H says:

    If you have cotton socks on you can pull the lint off them to use directly
    with the spark without making the dust first. A dime sized lint ball as the
    core of a dry tinder bundle and you just have to get the sparks from the
    flint of the lighter onto it.

  7. Phanic! And a Sloth at the disco says:

    wow I just noticed that the notification said “how to START a fire…”
    instead of how to fix…what does it mean?

  8. jack r says:

    Where are the project videos

  9. Oxyze says:

    I thought the title was wrong at first lol

  10. Porkchop's Papi says:

    Yes, that’s why when going out, always bring 3 lighters kept in different

  11. brikhouse22 says:

    How to create* fire with…….

  12. Waggerinator says:

    The first thing I would do is, break off the Kid´s safety and check if
    there is one last flame (if the gas container ins´t broken). Also it makes
    it even easier to grind off the flint of the lighter.

  13. TT R says:

    i started a fire a few minutes ago in my backyard fire pit actually my dad
    lit it

  14. JoeAceJR says:

    You have made hydrogen, you have made charcoal, you have made homemade
    batteries. All of these are excellent! I would like to see how to get the
    car to run on hydrogen. I want to see how to harness the power of hydrogen.
    Also, how do you make your own gasoline or ethanol?

  15. MrClassified says:

    Finds things around you to survive and pops out an business hard. -__- yea
    like where gonna have a business card if where stranded.

  16. shinzonero Q says:


  17. malik clark says:

    how to fix means how to make ex: can you go fix me a glass of water.

    . .


  18. Abdullahi Ali says:

    I can’t fix my fire. Should I take it back to the store and get another
    one? I’m pretty sure I got it with a warranty.

  19. Specific Love Creations says:

    How do you come up with such awesome hacks?

  20. Troll ZYNuts says:

    If you blow out it makes Co2 not oxygen