How To Fix a Leaking Toilet

How To Fix a Leaking Toilet

Today I show you how to easily fix a leaking toilet. You’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to fix a toilet yourself with a few basic household tools. Overflow tube faulty? Flush valve not working correctly? Is your toilet not flushing properly? Is it leaking? No problem – This simple trick will fix it. Simply follow the step by step instructions and your toilet will be good as new in a few short minutes. Plumbers are expensive – Fix it yourself and you’ll save a fortune.

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20 Responses

  1. HowToBasic says:

    Plumbers are expensive! You’ll save a fortune by fixing it yourself. SHARE IT:

  2. Games & Anime says:

    How to spin a fidget spinner

  3. Abeer Almo says:

    This guy is mr cleans worst nightmare

  4. Motorcycle Men Ben says:

    Why do I find humor in someone throwing easy at a toilet

  5. Francis Jack says:

    Remember kids, eggs fix everything.

  6. ViPeR Garet says:

    Seems legit.

  7. RtL Crazii says:

    Achievement unlocked: Water Damage⭐️

  8. Clorox Bleach says:

    Thanks bro my toilet was leaking everywhere

  9. Jimmy Jango says:

    Kids in Africa could have eaten that toilet

  10. Muhammad Aqib says:

    What have you done?
    People in India needed that toilet badly…..

  11. Malone Quentric says:

    Pour les francais qui a reconnu le generique de doc seven

  12. SilentAsianBoy says:

    How much you wanna bet when he’ll make a video called “How to make a mess” he won’t do anything?

  13. the jojoduplumeau says:

    Can you make an “How to basic behind scenes”? It’ll be really fun.

    Like if you agree

  14. Pilotjet Games says:

    My mom actually asked me to search this on youtube then i found this video which ik what will happen so i showed my mom and she was like WTF IS THIS

  15. Khalifa Almatouq says:

    *Instructions not clear, dick stuck in toaster*

  16. 潮珍gg 阮 says:

    Qui est Francais Ici ?

  17. Fleurtjeeuh Gaming says:

    Respect for the one that is cleaning this house.

  18. Joseph7X says:

    Does this guy buy a new house every-time he makes a video

  19. Ezekiel Elliott says:

    My shit leaked out when i tried this

  20. Nubz says:

    how is this 5th on trending

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