How To Fix America’s Bathrooms In 3 Easy Steps

How To Fix America’s Bathrooms In 3 Easy Steps


Let’s tackle the REAL issues Americans face today.


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20 Responses

  1. sushi grass says:

    It’s 1 am, guess I’m not sleeping early.

  2. Toki Warbeast says:

    Yeah I’m all for kick things on the inside of public bathroom doors. I
    usually just kick the door open with my foot when leaving a public bathroom

  3. Mikitan Fox says:

    Trans people have been using the bathrooms of their choice for decades and
    they will continue to do so if it is legal or not, my suggestion; take your
    shit, wash your hands and don’t try and look at everyone’s genitals while
    you are in there… you perverts.

    Side note; I’m not squatting to dump on anything unless it is this
    presenter’s smug face.

  4. The Man-Witch of the West says:

    They aren’t worried that real trans people will molest theirs kids, they’re
    worried that cis child molesters will pretend to be trans so they can gain
    access to the bathrooms of the opposite gender.

  5. MrJohnycomelately21 says:

    Why the fuck does it matter what bathroom people use?! What’s wrong with
    Unisex bathrooms?? Close the door get on with it wash up and leave! or can
    Americans not help but rape anyone that isn’t of the same gender in the

  6. colin wilson says:

    WHY NOT JUST HAVE unisex bathrooms

  7. Pipe Dream says:

    that…didn’t address the issue being discussed AT ALL
    the hell? Cracked, you let us down
    i’m not saying these aren’t good ideas, but they don’t do anything about
    these gender issues. plus, for all that thy’re being mocked here, even in
    the comments pasted in the background it’s obvious that what people are
    most worried about is people PRETENDING to be trans or whatever to invade
    the opposite gender’s privacy. it’s like all those jokes about teenage boys
    trying to sneak/peek into the girls locker room have become viable now that
    there’s potentially a legitimate excuse to go in and stay there and do
    whatever. that seems like a reasonable concern, like how people are arguing
    against euthanasia because it could be abused. i’m personally for
    euthanasia and gender rights and whatnot, but i also agree that these are
    genuine issues that need to be addressed somehow.
    when this video started off by discussing this issue, i thought there’d be
    some good responses to it, even if they were entertaining along the way.
    this was a genuine disappointment by the end, and it almost felt like the
    retention-time version of clickbait, in that i kept watching waiting for
    the punchline actually doing as was promised but it never came…

  8. CHP says:

    Keep these types of videos coming, Cracked! Trump needs a 2nd term!

  9. Metalcell says:

    What about overweight people, kids and old people? I don’t think some of
    this ideas will work for them.

  10. Chris Dryer says:

    1. does this guy actually put stairs around his steps or is he just
    preaching to us?
    2. Viruses eh?
    3. Viruses…

    How about get rid of gender and just make each bathroom more personal? More

  11. ZORAZ Haseeb says:

    The argument isn’t about Trans people raping somebody. it’s about a man who
    is a pervert, claiming to be Trans walks in and then molests or rapes

  12. M Dunn says:

    Imagine the horrors if you walked into the bathroom after Dennis Hastert
    and he hadn’t washed his hands.

  13. 1019wc1019 says:

    if it’s a swingy door I always use my foot to open it. Nobody wants to be
    in a public bathroom. you are in there because you gotta go and you’ll get
    in trouble if you went anywhere else. No bathroom should have gender
    designations. I don’t need urinals as a man

  14. Diana Possell says:

    All bathroom doors should open out. Can’t believe they don’t already.

  15. Hogscraper says:

    I totally agree with the trans argument. Men are disgusting and should not
    be trusted to be respectful around women in a public bathroom. The problem
    being that I don’t look at trans men and magically forget that they are men
    and should be included in that group.

  16. James Millington says:

    Maybe you guys should stop filling the toilet with huge amounts of water.
    That shit just makes doing your business really noisy, and there is a lot
    more “Splash-back”.

  17. Devin Lind says:

    As a transman, I’m glad that I’m also a wheelchair user – I just use the
    wheelchair accessible bathroom. 😉 But when I accompany my blind wife to
    the ladies’ room, I can feel the stares.

  18. CyricZ says:

    We should all have one toilet and we’d all have to go at the same time.

  19. Manic Beats says:

    Anyone agree with me MALE IN MALE AND FEMALE IN FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Rick Wilosn says:

    why is this an issue?