How To Get 1 Million Subscribers

How To Get 1 Million Subscribers

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music by Braden Deal


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20 Responses

  1. sebastianc06 says:

    Wait 1 million?! just 1?! life is so unfair sometimes….

  2. AkbarStudios says:

    Casey said this in an earlier vlog, he doesn’t give a shit about
    subscribers. He said that if he’s happy about what he makes. That’s all
    that counts.

  3. Daniel B. says:

    congratulations casey , keep em coming !

  4. Paula Arnoso says:

    Well said Casey! We should all be in favor of the democracy that internet
    bring us. If you have a voice, share it to the world. It is simple as that.
    No voice should be ignored, but celebrated for the f* courage of putting
    your own face to be judged by others. People no longer depends of powerful
    media companies. They are trying by themselves, are experimenting, are
    expressing who they are and what they think! Internet brings authenticity,
    and that is the key of the future.

  5. Mathew Horst says:

    Great words and explanation of your view. I love this vlog

  6. Veronica Electronica says:

    How to get a million subscribers? Buy them, which I’m sure is what you did
    considering how terrible your videos are. I am a strait A student. I don’t
    have time to watch this nonsense!

  7. Austin Yager says:

    How did he hold the mirror and make hand gestures with his right hand at
    the same time. my brain has imploded.

  8. radlikeu says:

    the school of life just had a vid on meritocracy for those interested in
    the subject.

  9. Cavin Dobson says:

    Congrats on a million Casey
    You are a huge inspiration to me and I have watched every one of your vlogs
    Thanks for inspiring me

  10. Louis Luzuka says:

    congrats on 1 million subscribers!

  11. TyroneGames says:

    “i just passed 1 million subscribers” yayy

  12. Ilya M. says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the things you said. Vlogging has definitely
    made a huge contribution to your subscriber count. I really enjoy the
    vlogs, and Beme. Keep up the great work Casey!

  13. David's says:

    Congrats Casey! You deserve 10 million! You are not a talented artist that
    shares his creations with the world but you are also a source of
    inspiration for many people to pursue their own dreams working your ass off
    because that’s what you told in a lot of videos is the way you succeeded. I
    am 100% sure that with the level of determination and strength you have you
    will reach far more amazing goals in your life.
    Thank you for sharing this video and all the others that you have shared
    with us :)

  14. Stefan Koelsch says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch from Santiago de Chile.

  15. Julian Bright says:

    I don’t know why Casey doesn’t monetize all his videos. Personally I don’t
    have a problem seeing ads because that’s how they make money. He could make
    so much more money.

  16. mathijs delbaere says:

    Concrats Casey! Subscribing to you was the easiest shoice I made on youtube
    (no lie).

  17. Looserisbad 999 says:

    I Don’t Have any Videos yet:(

  18. CG-Models YT says:


  19. Colin Hirons says:

    Told you so⚡️ Many congrats again??

  20. Jeffrey Preciado says:

    tired of these “vlogs” i want to see more of the old short movies again
    don’t really care how to get 1 million subscribers