How to get a pigeon out of the house

How to get a pigeon out of the house

A pigeon flew down my chimney. I think I was very manly when dealing with it. 

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20 Responses

  1. ϟBlitZ says:

    +teesea77 Welcome to The BADASS crater of BADASSITUDE! BADASS!
    TESTOSTERONE!!! Who gives a FUCK!

    I’m Writing This Comment because REASONS!!!

  2. Josh Gómez says:

    Excellent video ;-)

  3. Jason Sulham says:

    its a pigeon nothing to be afraid of lol but way to get it out of your

  4. Just Do It says:

    bro like really i would have turn on the fire and let that bitch burn

  5. xkillerx991 says:

    A real mans man….mans mans man

  6. Pixeled For Life says:

    I still love the WII!

  7. bugoobiga says:

    put the stupid phone down and use 2 hands

  8. Jennel Richards says:

    Lol why so serious? It was meant to be funny…

  9. Oliver Burt says:

    For all yup people being arseholes, so what if he screams a little? Maybe
    he has a fear of birds – there’s nothing wrong with that, people have fears
    of different things.

  10. 6menonaplane says:

    I would’ve just turned on the fireplace and had fried pigeon for lunch.

  11. Sadra Sadra says:


  12. K den says:

    what a pussy

  13. Ian Conery says:

    am i supposed to hear sound?

  14. HalfAhBean says:

    Didn’t help… I’m still trying though (-__-)

  15. Mustard Scroll says:

    Legend has it the Pigeon is still out there somewhere, searching for
    another helpless victim…

  16. glearful says:

    instruction unclear, managed to cook roasted pigeon with my bare hands

  17. Bane391 says:

    How does one mentally prepare to take on a pigeon? Did you watch the Shia
    Lebouf motivational video? That must be your secret, only few people have
    survived an encounter with the infamous chimney dwelling pigeon.

  18. Joseph Buchanan says:

    nailed it lol

  19. Joseph Buchanan says:

    is that a guy or girl

  20. Jordan Sananikone says:

    You sir, are one brave lad.