How to Get your Car Ready for an Endurance Race (and not blow up)

How to Get your Car Ready for an Endurance Race (and not blow up)

Today I show you how to install gauges, a heel plate, wheel hub studs, Lexan windows, and modify your exhaust to turn your car into an endurance race car, kind of… Hopefully all of our fixes prepare us for the endurance race this year because last year definitely didn’t go well with our car lasting only 15 laps until the engine blew up!


Permatex Red Threadlocker:
Oil Temp Gauge:
Oil Pressure Gauge:
Wheel Studs:
Riv Nut Tool Kit:
10w60 Oil:
Exhaust Tube Kit:

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17 Responses

  1. Danny N Grays Cards & Toys says:

    You don’t know how much joy you bring to my son and I when we watch you together!! You have came along way !! Been here to see the ride !! Love it !!

  2. Wrench Every Day says:

    Such a great time! Can’t wait to see the next video! I know how things go, but it’s always fun to see the story telling!

  3. ZeroFX32 says:

    Wow I appreciate the huge amount of work involved, from filming, editing and taking the time to do so much research, put it in practice and show it in the most cleanest way possible. This is just pure art.

    • ChrisFix says:

      Thanks… See my problem is I take on the project thinking, oh that’s simple… Then I realize it’s really not simple lol

  4. XShadowCatzX says:

    I love the little (and not blow up) in the title lmao

    I really hope you win this year’s race, Chris! Even though last year didn’t go so well, you learned from that and kept going. Many would not. I can’t wait to see race results!

  5. Motors Mended says:

    I just saw fab rat’s video on this race yesterday! Cannot wait for your race! Thank you for all you have taught me Chris. I recently replaced the head gasket on my diesel van’s 285k motor… Couldn’t have done it without the stuff I’ve learned from you. Thanks for everything, ROAD TO 10 MIL!

  6. Jamie's Garage says:

    Ok, this makes me want to join the lemons race 🤔

    • Anuj Bhardwaj says:

      You should get a lemons car too and compete against CHris or maybe you can team up with him. This has already got me so excited.
      p.s. hope you and your family are after IAN.

  7. SM356 says:

    Love this channel, I just got started in working on cars and can do basic things so far like brake changes, spark plug replacement etc.. But this channel just adds to that hunger of information I have for topics like this. I would love one day to get into racing.

  8. TimeBucks says:

    Your videos are great

  9. Thom Booth says:

    Christopher Fixtopher, you and my dad are my inspiration to become a mechanic, and here I am in my apprenticeship learning everything I ever wanted, could not thank you enough for the inspiration. Much love from the UK, you are amazing man, keep up the great work!! ❤

  10. Labrador McGraw says:

    This guy just goes from strength to strength – best on YT by a clear country mile. You just CANNOT beat a ChrisFix video.

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