How to Hand Catch a Coyote (feeding Big Ounce)

How to Hand Catch a Coyote (feeding Big Ounce)

Since this vidya I have locked up the chickens and ducks and am doing nightly rounds with the puppers 👨🏻‍🌾🤝 no animals were harmed in this vidya.

Again: DO NOT attempt anything you see In this vidya.

Enjoy your Regularly scheduled seratonin 👨🏻‍🌾🤝

Warm Regards,
Uncle Farmer Dad Ben 👨🏻‍🌾🤝

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Po box 1723
Waco tx 76703

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31 Responses

  1. Paul Cuffaro says:

    If I ever have coyote issues.. I’m calling uncle Ben immediately

  2. Nick says:

    As winter approaches and I begin to dread its exhaustion and weight, it’s sincerely nice to think that I may have these videos to look forward to every so often– to both make me laugh and ground me to the reality of hard work making a positive impact. I found this channel last winter and binging all the vlogs during my morning commute really brightened up my days

  3. Nannette Freeman says:

    That coyote must have been thinking “That angry, white roadrunner sure is a big ‘un!” His coyote family will never believe the story he has to tell!

    Excellent job, Uncle Ben! You are truly one in a million! ✌🏼

  4. ᜑᜒᜋᜒᜋ Пинагод says:

    I can’t imagine being a coyote just experiencing for the first time being picked up, and still being shocked at the fact that being picked up by 200 pounds of mammal didn’t get it killed. Like wow, it must’ve been its first time being handled by a larger mammal and *instead of getting eaten as it should assume, it’s being let go. Just like that.

  5. half-hour says:

    7:49 the crazed look in his eyes, the sweat on his face, it tells a whole story

  6. Aaatoms says:

    Hey, electrician here, highly recommend putting some staples on the wire underneath the foundation of the house, especially if your having some animals walk around under there. Not only does it keep queen and pog boy safe but it also keeps the wire from fraying and getting damaged in the future. Much love uncle Ben.

  7. Rose Olivas says:

    I love how Kevin’s aggression got him kicked out of his own home but not even 24 hours later he saves all but one random rooster, incredible plotline

  8. D k says:

    3:18 amazing how the coyotes fur blends into the background so well.

  9. zerg says:

    This is like watching the domestication of the first dogs live. Definitely was some blessed soul like Ben who first accomplished it.

  10. John Cena says:

    I love how the chickens just slowly walk past the coyote like “yeah, what ya gonna do now? Try and eat me? I doubt it!”

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