How To Land A Husband At The Masters

How To Land A Husband At The Masters

Katie tackles the real topic on all the ladies’ minds while trying to enjoy a major sporting event.

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5 Responses

  1. Chris Conway says:

    Hard to believe that is an article that actually exists and was written let
    alone published. Game , set, Match! Nolan!

  2. Canucklug says:

    Please tell us how guys can catch Eugenie Bouchard’s eye! Who do female
    athletes go out with? What if I wanted to be a puck, uh male bunny? I think
    there’s an under served market for these articles.

  3. Tom Maguire says:

    You’re a classy broad Katie Nolan.

  4. Shane Lorimer says:

    Are we sure this was posted on a blog and not another email from the Delta
    Gamma social chair?

  5. Brandon King says:

    is this like some weird fake retarded version on jon stewart?