How to Launch a Nuclear Missile

How to Launch a Nuclear Missile

What was the procedure to launch a nuclear missile?
Uranium premieres: July 28 & 29 on PBS at 10pm ET/ 9pm Central
France and Germany: July 31 at 10pm on ZDF/arte
Norway: August 5 & 6 at 21:30 on NRK2
Australia: August 9, 16, 23 at 8:30pm on SBS
Sweden: TBD
Middle East: TBD

For more information on other screenings go to

A big thank you to The Titan Missile Museum, Yvonne and Chuck.

Space footage courtesy of NASA

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20 Responses

  1. Du Duu says:

    i can bet you anything that the NSA and FBI and CIA and any security
    organization has checked this video because of the title

  2. MJ San says:

    How does the warhead know where to go? Pretty sure there wasn’t GPS back
    whenever this was built.

  3. Varun Mani says:

    Felt like a really good summer blockbuster axn thriller with Mr. Chuck,
    he’s awsome for his age.. cant believe there are such cool guys who command
    indepth knowledge about Silos still around in 2015.. Well possibly Chuck &
    James cameron are the last of the fading Baby boomer era.. then again they
    are too good to fade into total oblivion.

  4. Roger Nevez says:

    Excellent video! Congratulations!
    ps: thumb up 27,610 way mine

  5. Baldoxxx4000 says:

    this underground rocket silos seems outdated, how long has this man living

  6. Airsoft says:

    Its scary how simple it is to start WW3, and doing that means the end of
    the civilisation

  7. ind0ctr1n3 says:

    It does have an abort indicator under launch; I assume this is if the
    onboard guidance system detects a malfunction, right? The missile operators
    wouldn’t be able to abort the launch after turning the keys if I’m
    following correctly.

  8. mattiemaas says:

    Brilliant video

  9. Ben Gaudreault says:

    kim joung un was here

  10. Alex Crocker says:

    That Chuck guy is an incredible narrator

  11. kjth2003 says:

    Still waiting for a UK release of that documentary….

  12. A.J. Moore says:

    Please, i have been dying to see this since you announced this show. But i
    live in Canada

  13. Dalton Dunn says:

    +Veritasium did you read Eric Schlosser’s command and control? 

  14. Dok Asimov says:

    So there were three people with cameras in that room with them?

  15. Wayne Kurtz says:

    Awesome video. I enjoyed it so much and I’m old enough to remember when
    those things were live.

  16. jtech0 says:

    Wow I saw those two shows I never even realized it was you hosting it. It
    was quite interesting. A repetitive worked in nuclear power and is a
    chemist. I knew much of it already, but was still neat. I kind of wish you
    would have done a bit more about the new LFTR reactors though. I really
    hope those work out soon as would mean so much green power. Nuclear stuff
    also has a bad rep by many it seems which I fear may prevent LFTRs from
    being acceptable.

  17. manish kumar says:

    Now because of this, isis knows how to launch a nuke! 

  18. FreeMan1990PK says:

    we found the ultimate guide to launch a nuclear missile directly from your
    backyard, boyz! :D

  19. Jai Aravind J says:


  20. Jacky Tang says:

    My dick is the size and power of that missle