How To Make a Digital Clock

How To Make a Digital Clock

How DO you make a digital clock?

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. aklaft says:

    You could do all that, or you could buy a clock from China and take the
    plastic part off

  2. Avior Los says:

    I think the timing is wrong with this video lol

  3. rebos911 says:

    That little shit didn’t even make a clock. He just took the components out
    of a clock and put them in a brief case. Fuck that little piece of shit and
    his father is basically a terrorist.

  4. Mysticfox2010 says:

    Now do one on how to make a briefcase bomb. Im sure it wont resemble the
    one in the news in any way.

  5. Mekratrig says:

    Surprizingy simple, lol…

  6. Alexander Haw says:

    He didn’t even make a clock. he just put an alarm clock into a case.

  7. rockyboi742 says:

    How to make a digital clock
    •buy a clock
    •remove all screws.
    •literally just take the shit out and put it in a suspicious ass pencil case
    •wear nasa shirt
    •get your ass kissed by everyone

  8. dsahgkg says:

    lets not make digital clock….
    when you make a digital clock and place it into a white briefcase in a
    country where everyone have a bomb threat trauma thanks to the media,
    you;re gonna regret it.
    other than that, curiosity and the drive to invent is pretty damn awesome

  9. Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala says:

    So this is how you make a bomb…

  10. L says:

    But how do I make it look like a bomb?

  11. Sir Xx_NoSc0p3R_xX says:

    Arrest hum, thats a bomb

  12. Edwin Fields says:

    We’re in, Haji

  13. Deconverted Man says:

    Should I put it in a black pencil box?

  14. crab_aesthetics says:

    Step 1: Buy a clock
    Step 2: Pull the guts out of the plastic housing
    Step 3: Stick it in a suspicious looking pencil box

    Congratulations, you “built” a clock.

  15. forrest225 says:

    Read comments expecting bomb jokes, had a blast.

  16. KelvinSmoke says:

    +SciShow Why is time based on units of 60/24? 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and
    24 hours (1000 milliseconds)…

  17. kelvartis says:

    all the political crap aside… this was still an underwhelming video. I’m
    sorry, honesty

  18. Prowler in the Yard says:

    Oh great, now we have youtube channels doing how-to videos on making bombs.

  19. tulp35000 says:

    its actually aaaaaaaaa boooooooooomb. Terrorist fucks

  20. brett stover says:

    how could we make a clock that is gearbased that keeps as acuract time as a
    digital clock/watch?