How To Make a Giant Flaming Vortex Fountain

How To Make a Giant Flaming Vortex Fountain

In today’s video we’re taking the desktop vortex fountain and scaling it up, and adding a few new features!

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53 Responses

  1. SlimeSan - Gaming, Tutorial und mehr! says:

    “These aren’t oxygen bubbles, they’re propane.” PLOTTWIST!!!

  2. Vatablous Devil says:

    Now make a *Gigantic* one

  3. D1ck H3aD_69 says:

    You should stick items such as a small boat, legos, toy figures exc… down the fountain and see how the whirlpool would affect it

  4. Sam Duerr says:

    What do carbonated drinks do in a vacuum chamber I wanna see this so bad! Like if you wanna see

    • Chosen One says:

      Sam Duerr They bubble more rapidly than water would, lose their fizz and get colder.

      I think there’s already videos of this on the internet.

  5. Emo Llama says:

    It looks really freaking awesome in the end, but you can’t deny how redneck it was in the beginning.

    • Warren Asher says:

      Emo Llama
      It is something us rednecks would do. But we wouldn’t use the fancy bamboo covering, but black electrical tape or ducktape🤠🤠🤠

  6. RottenVlogger says:

    When it caught fire, jeans were indeed creamed. Great project.

  7. ChancePlays says:

    “These aren’t oxygen bubbles, they’re propane.”

    *Lights it on fire*

    me: 😱😱

  8. Sanity016 says:

    HOW DO YOU ADD THE BUBBLES?!!!! you didn’t show where the propane intake was, or how the bubbling tube was added. I need to know how to make this thing light on *FIRE*

  9. AmberPriceIsHot says:

    Is there any way you could make the bubbles go to music?

    • Chosen One says:

      AmberPriceIsHot Sure with electronics but then it wouldn’t stay lit during periods of inactivity (unless you put a small flame near the top, that could be cool still).

  10. Raul A says:

    Now I know how Sponge Bob was able to start a fire under the sea! Propane! Mind blown!

  11. Ozilus says:

    I want that thing!!!!

  12. Scott Crunkleton says:

    Reminds me of a black hole.

  13. CaptorVision says:

    but, why?

  14. Nerdy Dork says:

    If I put my head inside will be able to enter the Nether in Minecraft?

  15. They Call Him Teemo says:

    Oh yeah, just how to casually make a *giant flaming vortex fountain*

  16. Snow White says:

    These aren’t o2 bubbles. They’re proprane. Lights fire(earns like 25 subscribers)

  17. Gabriel Boho says:

    Hola me llama Jeff

  18. DA Andrews says:

    I don’t often bother to like and comment but the fact those bubbles were propane bubbles changes EVERYTHING 😂😂😍

  19. Basit Muhammad says:

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 💦 💦 💦

  20. diy people says:

    Where can I get that pump

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