How To Make a Mega Metal Foundry

How To Make a Mega Metal Foundry

In today’s video we’re super-sizing the trashcan foundry into a giant garbage can kiln!

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47 Responses

  1. Carmine Perez says:

    This dude is soon going to make a foundry from a shed

  2. lucas palladino gonzalez says:

    Won’t the screws melt away?

  3. #RealTalent TV says:

    Please make experiments with HOT ICE. and add some food coloring to it


    I think I know how to make Kayl wool you get Kayl and mix it with wool

  5. Jack Greaves says:

    make ballon molds

  6. Tim Michaels says:

    Oscar the Grouch won’t freeze in Winter now.

  7. Ronaoldo Cr7 says:

    where is the real king (GT) i like this dude as well but i miss GT

  8. Random Video says:

    I thought he was going to put like five porpane torch

  9. Maxime FROSSARD says:

    melt the small foundry with the mega foundry

  10. Storm Rapidz says:

    Whats next? A metal foundry that powers the world?

  11. Chetan Bhandari says:

    Make a Sugar Bottle with Silicone Mold.😍

  12. Wilky707 says:

    Put the mini foundry in the large foundry

  13. Glory Lime says:

    Listen its a nice idea but because you have increased the volume of the foundry you will need to add more burners to reach the desired temperature

  14. 1NotNormal says:

    you should get a see through freezer and see the differences between freezing hot water and already cold water.

  15. Louie C says:

    You call this mega? This is the King of Random channel that is just small!

  16. Solomon_97 says:

    The kaolwool doesn’t reflect the heat; it absorbs it. You are still losing a lot of heat, since it is all getting trapped in the kaolwool. This hurts the kaowool and over time will cause it to be even less efficient and less insulative (and a little dangerous).
    You really should put a refractory layer in. Castable refractory is easy to make, and would probably be easy to add to the current setup. You could even simply line it with refractory brick (the thick heavy fire brick, not the insulative fire brick). That would be a very easy fix and could raise your efficiency dramatically. If you do it well it could probably get so hot that it could even melt iron or steel!

  17. RUGame 17 says:

    What happens when you put soda into a vacuum chamber?
    Because water boils in a vacuum
    And when soda boils it’s the sugar in it caramelizes
    So how would it act in a vacuum?

    • Austin Hayducky says:

      Sugar caramelizes because of heat. Putting soda in a vacuum chamber will just remove the CO2 in it and make it go flat

  18. *SesamToast* says:

    Captain Cutton for win!!

  19. Connor McCarthy says:

    I’m really not opposed to making and improvised foundry there are several problems from a health perspective that need to be addressed. Firstly as someone below said kaowool fibres are carcinogenic and should be sealed with another refractory material or coating to prevent fibres being breathed in when the foundry is running. Secondly the bolts, washers and trash can used pose another health risk as they appear to galvanized (I could be mistaken) any galvanized steel will release zinc oxide when heated this is harmful to the body.

    Please coat the wool and clarify what metal was used as anyone who copies this could be harmed by the end product if not

  20. Draygoes says:

    What are those attachments called?

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