How-To Make a Steak Sandwich with Matty Matheson

How-To Make a Steak Sandwich with Matty Matheson

Where are we? Italy? Tuscany? The Riviera? NO! We’re in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen! And Matty’s showing us how to make a flawless steak sandwich. And because everyone loves healthy right now, Matty adds a crunchy chopped kale chimichurri and a beautiful little tomato salad.

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73 Responses

  1. alex says:

    I have never clicked a link faster in my life…..Matty Matheson is a golden nugget

  2. Anthony Le says:

    u cut the steak the wrong way

  3. Travis W says:

    Matty, you my friend, have become not only one of the most entertaining to watch on YouTube, but a favorite.

    For that, I thank you, sir.

    • Travis W says:

      No…I CLEARLY, was not aware of such things…

      At all.


      I had NO idea, his name is…what?? Matty?? NOT Marty??

      Auto correct from a phone, has NEVER stepped into a statement for me before.


    • Eli _ A3R0 says:

      bro it’s in the title, how dumb can you be

    • Travis W says:

      Eli _ A3R0 Surprised you’ve yet to attack me on the 5 commas I used…

      😂😂 Go home, stop while you believe you’re ahead, and don’t call me “bro” again.

      That is all.

    • Eli _ A3R0 says:

      Bro I am home, what you think I’m that low to message from a library, I ain’t saying nothing if you have to go to the library, I’m just saying I never left the comfort of my home, so next time BRO read he fucking titles, you don’t go around saying Matte Damon, you will look like a retard, not that I’m doubting you already are, see you later BRO.

    • Travis W says:

      You really believe it was me that mis-spelled it, and not an auto correct, that I didn’t catch, don’t you??

      Your level of ignorance, has gotten very old, foolish, and boring. I’ve nothing to prove or justify with you. At all. I can’t believe I’ve stooped to the level I have, already.

      Go away, now. Please?? 😂

  4. footytang says:

    That is a retarded amount of Olive oil. Oil the steak, oil the bun, then cover it all in a barrel of oil soaked chimichurri? I like Olive oil but that would literally just taste like oil.

  5. Dino Neretljak says:

    meh im not really feeling it, not enough olive oil, salt and pepper for me

  6. soulvdog says:

    “I’m the fuckin best”

  7. Haning Nugrahadi says:

    Tomato salad.

    *cant even see the tomato*

  8. Bernadettes P0ST says:

    Yes please ! Soo hungry now 😋👌

  9. Connor says:

    Do you want some more olive oil with you’re olive oil ?

  10. frunkiss says:

    budget action bronson

  11. Meezy Dawg says:

    Could of used hella a lot less olive oil

  12. benzo B says:

    More Matty

  13. Joao Paulo says:

    Matty Matheson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Action Bronson

  14. Danny Martinez says:

    Maty Matheson is a drug I can’t get enough of

  15. Michael Pansini says:

    Matty is great as always but really did much prefer these in the old format when they where shot in his house kitchen !

  16. Bill Ding says:

    I wanted to make an olive oil comment but every other person already has

  17. Kyle Richardson says:

    More Matty less stoners

  18. bill bill says:

    At least mathew says that he is gonna put a lot of oil at his chimichuri….ramsay and mr.jamie oliveoil be like:”put a little bit olive oil”…..Pures half bottle!😂😂😂

  19. Infinite Athletics says:

    Matty seems like one of the coolest people to just kick it with.

  20. bowmansparks says:

    “Not enough oil” 3/10 – IGN

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