How to Make Braids Show Up on Dark Hair! – KayleyMelissa

How to Make Braids Show Up on Dark Hair! – KayleyMelissa

Here’s a quick hair tutorial on how to make braids show up on dark hair! When hair has less dimension, braided hairstyles can be hard to see. Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier!

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This has been SO requested, so I hope that it helps give you some styles to wear and inspo on how to change up styles to work for you. Obvs these will work on all hair colors, but I really wanted to help with the brunettes on this one!

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33 Responses

  1. Sanaa Saxena says:

    The video all dark haired girls needed. Thank you so much, Kayley! 💕💕

  2. Raspberry Icecream says:

    The dark hair looks really pretty on you:)

  3. Alexa Weston says:

    Finally !!!!! Someone who actually did some hairstyles on black hair!!

  4. Olivia Rae says:

    I have really dark hair and this is very helpful. Thanks😊

  5. Sarah Godfrey says:

    You look gorgeous with dark hair 😍💞💖

  6. Kaitlyn Garland says:

    I have long rich brown hair and I use smaller braids into larger ones to highlight the textures. My favorite style is to take to small braids and pull them back and leave the rest of the hair down to highlight the dainty braids and the length.

  7. Vlogs By Nora :) says:

    My go to hairstyle is 2 dutch braids. first like and second comment btw. I love you Kayley!!!

  8. Christina Marie says:

    Dark hair looks gorgeous on you girl! 😊 your videos are so creative! Always sharing new ideas!

  9. Hermione Granger says:

    I Have Dark Brown Hair And I’m Still In School And We’re Not Allowed To Wear Accessories And Scarfs In Our Hair So Please Could You Do A Video For School Hairstyles For Dark Hair!!!!

    • Jade Prescott says:

      CaiusCassiusLonginus Yeah, if we could read the rules we may be able to find a loophole to exploit! I love exploiting loopholes!

    • Hermione Granger says:


      Yes We’re Allowed To Wear Jewellery But Only Earrings.

      No We’re Not Allowed To Wear Big Hoop Earrings Only Studs

    • Natasha Graves says:

      Hermione Granger That sucks 😮😮😮😮

    • Monster Cupcake says:

      I have a similar rules at my school. It has uniforms and I have to keep my hair up and only use black or navy colored hair bands and stuff. No accessories. If you have long hair you can play with smaller braids on top of slicked back hair. Like one braid crossing over like a head band, or the fish tail braid that is gathered up to look like a shell, or do some mini rose braids!! Those are some ideas you could try!!

    • Michelle Plascencia says:

      Hermione Granger Geez Hogwarts is getting stricter now in days.

  10. Poppy T says:

    This is really cool! I have bleach blonde hair at the moment but I’m thinking of dying it soon and I loved the idea of using earrings, that’s so clever! If your ever looking for new video ideas I’d love something on affordable wigs and extensions. How to pick good ones, choosing the right colour and some reviews maybe? It’d be really helpful since many of us can’t afford anything expensive.

  11. Amanda Montaldo says:

    If you somehow figure out a way to do cute hairstyles for girls who have bangs that would be awesome! Love your videos❤️

  12. Marta Cardozo says:

    Kayley can you do one of Lagertha’s hairstyle? She’s a character from the show Vikings

    • Olga Petryk says:

      You should check out the channel Silvousplaits, there is a whole series of Vikings’ hairstyles, maybe you’ll find it helpful. 🙂

  13. تـೋـقٰٚـِْى Ackerman says:

    *Sigh* finally ! I have black hair so I’ve tried all of them all through the years lol but still thx💕

  14. Pica Britanica says:

    😧… I’d never thought of using earrings as accessories before! That’s genius!! 💜

  15. Faith Ashly says:

    GIRL!!! where did you get this wig??!

  16. miat789 says:

    That wig looks so real.

  17. Ally's World says:

    This video is genius omg👌😍

  18. Sadia Fayyaz says:

    Wow black hair really suits you!

  19. Nidhi Vaidya says:

    I personally think a warmer brown would suit you better than black, but nonetheless I think this was just a great idea, hairstyles are hard for us super dark brunettes!

  20. Saima R says:


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