How To Make Charcoal (Using Stir Sticks and Paint Cans)

How To Make Charcoal (Using Stir Sticks and Paint Cans)

Here’s a quick and easy way to make charcoal at home, for grilling, pyrotechnics, drawing/sketching, or anything else you need charcoal for.

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Music used: Summer Shade by Per Kiilstofte

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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20 Responses

  1. Zinoviy says:

    Do something radoiactive.

  2. Joe Wilson says:

    black powder

  3. Terrorpants says:

    Do a barrel roll!

  4. cokefridger says:

    The wood powered cars are in Germany called “Holzvergaser”. But they aren`t
    very common any more. Mostly people build them to challenge themselfs or
    just because its fun to build something special.

  5. nabildana beba says:

    how to make firecrackers or fireworks pls

  6. BroTheGam3r says:

    What does liquid nitrogen do to metal?

  7. LinXx says:

    This is fake. You can’t just simply “make” charcoal like that. You first
    need coal, then you need to char it.

  8. Killjoy 1738 says:

    Could you use Popsicle sticks? I got a bunch of them from a hospital that
    caught on fire. Unfortunately those coffee stir stick were smoked a
    couldn’t be used for coffee anymore. Ps I made you mini assassin crossbow
    with a few of them :)

  9. Brian Choitz says:

    Don’t forget color case hardening with a mix of bone char and wood

  10. TrollForEver 987 says:

    make gun powder and a home made rock tumbler

  11. Team Mafajareesta says:

    Get all the sticks in the hole. Just cram it in.

  12. Ernest Berentzen says:

    make a pvc air rifle

  13. Dakshveer Nitharwal says:

    The charcoal coal was very soft; Who to make hard charcoal coal? Because
    the soft coal is not that much useful and it lights for very less time then
    the hard one. So please teach us how to make hard charcoal coal….

  14. tweedie005 says:


  15. K K says:

    Ummmmmmmm ooooooookkkkaaay smh

  16. Tobi peters says:

    Black power

  17. Sameer Tariq says:

    Can you make charcoal out of cotton candy?? Stupid question! I know!!

  18. Oneironauta77 says:

    thats usefull 😀 thanks

  19. 123 456 says:

    brb took a week to make a hamburger
    brb saw a big bag of charcoal at the store for 5 dollars

  20. llamaindustries says:

    make a crossbow