How to Make HUGE TWO LITER Gummy Pepsi Cola Bottle Fun & Easy Make Your Own Jello Dessert!

How to Make HUGE TWO LITER Gummy Pepsi Cola Bottle Fun & Easy Make Your Own Jello Dessert!

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20 Responses

  1. Kobe Harris says:

    this fucking dumb

  2. Snowflake Arcticwolf says:

    I actually jumped at the beginning of the video bc it was silence and he
    was just like “HEY GUYS”

  3. alex rodriguez says:

    autistic ass kermit the frog

  4. Baeck John says:

    am I the only one that is scared of this guy’s voice?

  5. Guy Barker says:

    dr pepper 2 leter

  6. alex mejia says:

    can we use flavored jelly ??

  7. Tracy Calderwood says:

    can u make a Barr bottle

  8. Lovelymhel Pacturan says:


  9. Nguyen Hai Dang says:


  10. gladys vickers says:

    Dr pepper please

  11. Cinthialmñl Cardozo says:

    eS buy bueno

  12. Jeremie Howey says:

    youre an adult right

  13. Dr3d Reactionz says:

    Try bleach next time

  14. Celso Dias says:

    his voice…

  15. Jann Bell says:

    2 litre fanta bottle

  16. brandon anger says:

    you retard you said it was a cola bottle

  17. Amy Jasper says:

    grate video i like Pepsi ☺

  18. Georgia Tear says:

    Do a Sprite or Fanta one

  19. Dav34lif3 LoŁ says:

    Don’t kill urself… APRIL FOOOLS KYS

  20. Adam Rippy says:

    His voice needs to commit seppuku