How To Make Mesmerizing Japanese Desserts

How To Make Mesmerizing Japanese Desserts

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62 Responses

  1. T.H.O. Random stuff says:

    I clicked on this so fast

    I love Japanese deserts

  2. Jerry Tran says:


  3. Jennifer Crasto says:

    Binge watching begins now

  4. sameer ahmed says:

    thanks Rie for your dishes yummmm you are great

  5. Alevin says:

    She is so sweet❤️

  6. jaimie morue says:

    That was such a lovely story. I plan to go to Japan for a month with my boyfriend when our studies will be over.

  7. The luck, inspiration and positive from Uliana says:


  8. Sensitive Light says:

    I love her she’s so sweet

  9. My Delicious Morsel says:

    Omg, that spin was adorable XD

    I definitely want to try making the pumpkin one this autumn! Japanese culture is so heart warming <3

  10. lidette711 says:

    That sakura cake and the pumpkin pudding look so beautiful. 🙂 Plus, I love snacks made from glutinous rice flour so that matcha mochi looks so appealing! And that jiggly cheesecake! I know it’s rude to play with your food, but I feel like if I ever get my hands on that cheesecake, I’d keep tapping it with my spoon to make it jiggle and have fun with it before I actually eat it. 🙂

  11. Kelsey Gomez says:

    “because LA has no seasons.” Rie I fucking love you

  12. strong power thank you says:

    Clicked on it for the food, stayed for Rie’s narration. I love how happy she sounds talking about food and her home.

  13. Lee Loves Food says:

    She killed all of them lol

  14. Village Food Life says:

    Awesome Japanese Desserts

    • Sean K says:

      Village Food Life ,

    • Shelly Neal says:

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  15. weasel says:

    I started drooling before I even clicked the video… Is that normal?

  16. m3rrys0ngstr3ss says:

    They’re all great, but that pumpkin pudding really caught my attention.

  17. Max perrin says:

    Rie is so precious <3

  18. Nylon John says:

    Reply so I won’t get lonely 😭😭😥😥😂😂

  19. Simply Nataly says:

    JAPANESE DESSERTS: 1,2,3 done. Looks easy, pizzy, but its not.

  20. death_by_midget says:

    I loved this video. I’m not a super sentimental person but this gave me some feels. Great story telling.

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