How To Make “Proto-Putty” (Modified Oogoo)

How To Make “Proto-Putty” (Modified Oogoo)

The long awaited tutorial! Make anything on a budget with this substance that molds like play-dough, but hardens into rubber.

Quick links to the materials; [✓] All Purpose Silicone: [✓] Neon Food Coloring: [✓] Cornstarch: [✓] Popsicle Sticks: [✓] Nitrile Gloves:

Food Grade Silicone: SmoothSil Silicone:

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Endcard Links:

LEGO Candy Mold:
Styrofoam Into Aluminum:
Ninja Stress Balls:
Glycerin Soap:

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Music by TheFatRat (“Xenogenesis”)
Licenced by Tasty

Project Inspired By:

Mikey77’s Instructable on Ooogoo:


This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

Project History & More Info:

Casting silicone is very expensive, so over the years I tried to find a cheaper alternative to making LEGO candy molds (

I started off trying silicone caulk from the hardware store, but globs of it would take weeks and weeks to finally firm up. That wasn’t acceptable because I needed something that would harden in 24 hours or less.

About 3 years ago I came across an Instructable by Mikey77 showing that mixing corn starch into the silicone caulk could be used to make it firm up in under an hour.

I did a number of experiments of my own, and eventually found out that corn starch wasn’t actually needed at all, but that all you needed was to add a little food coloring.

I still like to use corn starch though because it helps prevent the caulk from sticking to my hands as I work with it. The stuff is really hard to get off if it sticks to skin!

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    “The silicone gets triggered.” Grant Thompson 2016

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    I’m gonna try to make that stuff so I can make a phone stand!!!