How to Make the Perfect Burger According to Science | The Burger Show

How to Make the Perfect Burger According to Science | The Burger Show

To be a real burger pro, you have to understand different ways to dial up flavor. Attaining Burger Lord status involves more than just a fancy cast iron or spatula. It involves science. That’s why Alvin is teaming up with food scientist and Museum of Food and Drink founder, Dave Arnold. Dave’s going to to pull back the curtain on essential scientific concepts—things like umami and the maillard reaction—that will help you make the perfect burger.

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75 Responses

  1. I Write A Song A Day says:

    Burger in the thumbnail doesn’t look that tasty at all

  2. Emmanuel Alejandro says:

    *How to complicate cooking a hamburger.*

    • Crimsaur says:

      Although now you know what to add if you want to up the level of flavor that was on that video. I’ve used that tutorials method of burger making about a hundred times now, but now I know that if I want to make it really good I should use a pan, not a grill.

    • vegasbryan says:

      No one is forcing you to read my comments.

    • Kingpin _ says:

      Nebula Explorer use ketchup if you want, i honestly could care less

    • Vikingr Beerdserkr says:

      Usually eaten as a double, nothing beats a smash burger.

    • colormesarge says:

      Crimsaur nah, you should use a grill but with a hotplate on it. You want grill flavor and flat cooking. Not a pan. Meat doesn’t need all these condiments.

  3. J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

    Ohhhhh man we may have to “steal” some of these but of course give you guys credit!!! Freakin AWESOME thank you!!!!!!!

  4. RetroTech Commentaries says:

    >inb4 the inevitable 30,000 fat comments.

  5. Seth says:

    God damn FWF y’all killing this man.

  6. abelina sabrina says:

    ihob already mastered this.

  7. LOOTd says:

    Haven’t had a chance to eat today so this video is basically torture, but I gotta get my Alvin fix!

  8. Sim Gerkum says:

    everytime I watch this show I just think to myself; “man, I wish this was Sean”

  9. Midnight Cravings says:

    Double double and animal style fries and call it a night.

  10. Snoop Doge says:

    You should make a perfect salad, how bout that?

  11. WrecklessEating says:

    Well I will admit I never thought to do this lol

  12. Evan Pilkington says:

    This science man has some strong feelings about MSG.

  13. Jason Janoy Blaha Lover Boy says:

    Jesus Christ Alvin you’re a good host but you gotta get your health under control if you want to keep doing the show

  14. zleepydude224 says:

    “Right, right, for sure, right, right, yeah, right right right right right right right, yeah, for sure, right, right, right , right”

  15. HowToBasic says:

    Needs more eggs

  16. NETizpossible says:

    It’s Bill Nye the Burger Guy!

  17. MrAltereg0 says:

    This discount Alton Brown was not good

  18. zicada says:

    … oh, the entire video was an ad for “umamiburger”. Thanks for telling us guys.

  19. Fienix says:

    Maybe a few less burgers for you my dude.

  20. Justin Y. says:

    Nah, just get really hungry. Hunger is the best spice after all.

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