How To Make The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent

How To Make The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes The ALL-NATURAL WAY! Up to 6 hours of protection, no harsh chemicals and you can make this mosquito repellent in just a few short minutes! Take back your backyard!
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil:

Utilizing all natural essential oils that have been determined by the US Government to be as effective as DEET, you can easily and naturally end the plague of mosquitoes!

You will need:
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil – 30 Drops
Witch Hazel (Or Rubbing alcohol, Cooking Oil, Vodka) – 4 Ounces
Vanilla Extract (optional but recommended) – 1 Tsp.

Give this spray a shot and let us know how it works for you!

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Publication: Journal of Parasitology Research
Article: “Comparison of Repellency Effect of Mosquito Repellents…”
Notes: The CPT of DEET (360 min) was much longer than the CPTs of citronella (10.5 min) and fennel oil (8.4 min)

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20 Responses

  1. soviet94pl says:

    will it work for ticks too?

  2. ElementGuns12 says:

    Can you make a flea repellant please
    Those things keep annoying my pets and I

  3. iftekhar alam says:

    Nice video mate! Can you do a “how to make” series maybe Make a DYI lamp

  4. Kareem Alansari says:

    can you please do plane life hacks

  5. Monica Tuscano says:

    Here’s another: Use lavender oil and dampen it to a cotton ball or tissue.
    Mosquitos dislike lavender oil

  6. Velle says:

    Are u my mummy?

  7. kadek widi says:

    can you make mosquito trap please

  8. mamagon 68 says:

    thank you for sharing

  9. Kimboraffe says:

    I love your clear cosplay in the thumbnail

  10. Xtreme Zoro says:

    HouseholdHacker How To Make The Ultimate Lizard Repellent?

  11. memo marco says:

    So I tried it at home and surprisingly it Worked better than I expected so
    i will give you a Like and Ty .

  12. Cookedmeat says:

    At 0:05, that’s not a mosquito, that’s a Crane Fly

  13. EAV0503 says:

    Is this effective at all in keeping ticks away as well? If not, do you have
    a suggestion made from more natural ingredients like this one? We go hiking
    on a regular basis and would like something that will keep all those pests



  15. xˣXVincentXˣ x says:

    2:09 REALLY?

  16. Terrarist - Piano covers says:

    That ending

  17. Lost In The Mist says:

    Wouldn’t this be really sticky? Or does it just rub into your skin sorta
    like lotion?

  18. Jakob Ravn says:

    hey can you make a Guide on how to get rid of Pantry Moth

  19. usernameid says:

    Make a ULTIMATE fly repellent/trap!

  20. camerica7400 says:

    I like deet it keeps those fucking ticks away