How To Play Clash Royale ($upercell Edition)

How To Play Clash Royale ($upercell Edition)

Today I show you how to excel in Clash Royale, a popular freemium game, by showcasing several powerful decks I got the chance to experience as a free player!

P.S: This video is should be taken as a joke, so if you are a hardcore Clash Royale player, please don’t take offence to the video or take it seriously xD

Outro: Stepping Along – Akira Senju
Background Music taken from Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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20 Responses

  1. DaftHacker says:

    Nice! Favorite part haha.

  2. Ashaba Rodney says:

    60$ Nicee

  3. Kyle Wyss says:

    >sees $69.99
    >”Sixty dollars!”

    No, that’s 70 dollars.

  4. FuZion7j - Road to 100 Subs says:

    Sub to my account and I will sub back with 1 account
    (Only 1 because unlike people who say 20+, I actually do it)
    Just comment “hi” or “done”

  5. Caitlyn Jenner says:

    That Zelda music from the N64, good times

  6. Tamir says:


  7. Arustamyan - Boom Beach & Clash Royale says:

    Did it bother anyone else that he was sitting on Max elixir for like a good
    5-10 seconds?

  8. I am the sniper. use to be cuphead wizard says:


  9. Lefto26 says:

    supercell have their micropays really overpriced.

  10. Anonymous B says:

    Yeah this game is insanely fixed…

  11. Adrian Perea says:

    he’s a level 8 and doesn’t know how to play?

  12. Max Hu says:


  13. Gamer of the Year says:

    yeeeah, you dont know what you are talking about. the business model is
    pretty damn good. when you pay for better cards, you are only plowing
    through opponents for a short time before you reach a new level of player
    that smokes you because they got to that point the right way and is just
    better at the game than you are.

  14. Reep 22 says:

    anyone who spends money on freemium game needs their head examined.

  15. Emmanuel Morales says:

    mmm… Darthfader 1.453 subscribers… mmm nice

  16. Doge says:

    Love the way you said nice.

  17. TheMagicalCake says:

    You’re arena 7 and you dont know what freeze and hog do? ok

  18. Ezio Auditore da Firenze says:


  19. Random Tandems says:

    Hey guys im doing Royale vids, please sub to my channel!

  20. ‫اباذر كاظم‬‎ says:

    if you didn’t spend any money in clash royale you’ll have literally 40
    years to max all your legendary’s !!!!
    sounds good…