How to pronounce Worcestershire Sauce?

Some bloopers from my recent video.

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20 Responses

  1. Bob Levin says:

    I enjoyed the video and as an Italian Jew, understand the difficulties of
    learning and speaking other languages, especially later in life. My great
    great grandfather spoke seven languages. My wife is a retired ESL teacher
    and speaks three dialects of Chinese, which is tonal, Spanish, English, and
    a touch of French. Watching movies where they are speaking British English,
    we use subtitles, because the tonal difference makes it hated for her to
    understand without reading the words. Love the way you cook and you remind
    me of an earlier time when my family use to be very large. You’re a fine
    human being who respects the human being in others. Personally, I think
    anyone who leaves you a nasty message on here, should discover our Italian
    fat lip policy! Long life, good health and keep cooking!

  2. David Lee says:

    He sounds so asian.

  3. Nathaniel Beardsmith says:

    Reddit Gold User and long time IT support specialist here. Being a
    well-known member over at, I hereby declare this man to be a
    new “MEME”. What is a meme you may ask? Well just head over to and see for yourself. As a moderator of the
    subreddit I can tell you it is where you will discover the best memes on
    the internet first.

    -Nathaniel Beardsmith, moderator of 8 subreddits, 800k confirmed Karma

  4. Elton Juan says:

    when he ends with “thats the sauce” pronounced correctly, i lost it.

  5. La Sombra Del LoBo says:

    LMAO! >^^<

  6. Twiggy B. says:

    “Wusster-sheer” sauce…. that simple!

  7. Sir Clifton Writingham of Reddit says:

    Redditor here! I hope you don’t put this sauce on your steak because if so
    my friends over at /r/food will tear you a new one. I bet you cook your
    steak above rare too don’t you? Me and my friends over at /r/food will not
    touch anything cooked over bleu (fancy word for very rare, learned that
    over in /r/food) because it completely destroys the flavor. My grandmother
    once told me to cook her steak medium well, when I went to serve her I just
    gave her the rubber sole of my shoe and told her it would taste the same
    anyway, so I didn’t have to waste another steak(more for me!). My family no
    longer lets me cook for dinner, but it was worth it to teach her a lesson.

  8. Monica MovieStar says:

    Funny and cute, Chef Pasquale

  9. Bk94541 says:


  10. leeboi222 says:


  11. SheenaMalfoy says:

    Have I missed something here? Because almost every comment I see is
    incredibly rude or condescending… Come on people, don’t be rude to the
    old guy, or to each other…

  12. PedalStrapped says:

    are you sure he’s not having a stroke?

  13. Stephen Geden says:

    I miss the days when I could watch a funny video via reddit and not have to
    worry about the shitty comments left by the desperate trolls.

    I’d even just settle for “LE REDDIT ARMY XDDDDDDDDDDD” 

  14. marie Savino says:

    Just say Wooster chef. Everyone will know what you mean :)

  15. Lord Tippington Reinbach III says:

    As a Worcestershire sauce drinker, and recipient of over 43 years worth of
    reddit gold, I can easily say that this old sir is quite the entertainer.
    Please invite him over to r/food, the subreddit I moderate, and I will
    gladly give him reddit gold for his efforts.
    *tips fedora
    -Lord Tippington Reinbach III, master sauce drinker and all-around handsome

  16. Kendall Tolliver says:

    Wth lol

  17. Bob Levin says:

    Steak marinade: 1:1 W-sauce and red wine, garlic, onion, salt, pepper. Also
    great to add butter and cooking mushrooms in same after you grill the
    ribeye steaks.

  18. Jordan Jenkins says:

    Where can I get a bottle of “one chest should shine” sauce

  19. Major nelson says:

    Playstation sucks, it has no games. Sony has no money and should go
    bankrupt. Fuck em, All sony fanboys are those reddit neckbeards that don’t
    play games.

  20. Mia swanson says: