How To Remove a Stain from a Sofa

How To Remove a Stain from a Sofa

Today I show you how to quickly remove a stain from a sofa. This technique works on all kinds of sofas – Leather, Fabric, Microfibre, etc. It will also successfully remove ALL kinds of stains in seconds! Wine, Blood, Juice, Oil, Coffee, Pets, etc. No matter how badly stained your couch is this technique will work with ease. This homemade mixture is way more effective than anything available in stores! Simply spray directly onto the stain & it’ll penetrate & break it down, resulting in the stain vanishing in a matter of seconds.

Don’t keep this lightning fast stain removal technique to yourself!

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Know someone that’s accidentally stained their sofa/couch? Link them to this quick & easy DIY stain removal technique!

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  1. IN ALL CAPS says:

    Your videos are slowly getting more and more normal. I’m scared.

  2. Novess PL says:

    I heard firefighters at the end. If they were going to you, you are screwed

  3. MR FROg says:

    Your neighbours must think your crazy ?

  4. DefiantWolfx says:


    Like if I fooled you :)

  5. Arozura says:

    You know what?

    I don’t either…

  6. Tashmi Sabah says:

    is that supposed to be a period stain? ?

  7. Jhony Plays says:

    next video how to make the diamond play button

  8. micheal jackson says:

    egg?whare da fuk is da eggssss grrrrrrrrrr(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

  9. DatPat HD says:


    Read more

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    lol did I hear a firetruck at the end?

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    Did you hear the firefighters at the back?

  12. Thunder Palmie says:

    This guy shouldn’t be allowed to build sandcastles

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    1:16 YAY!!! Somebody Finally called 911…i HEAR THE SIRENS!!!

  14. Badasstime says:

    who agrees that howtobasic should do a normal tutorial?

  15. lihsor222 says:

    I thought this was going to be normal, I was scared, also where are the
    eggs at?

  16. SwedishMeatBalls says:

    Fucking hell mate LMAO

  17. Flexer420 says:

    No EGGS D:

  18. David Ha says:

    Anyone heard a siren in the end?

  19. Pvt Hoodrat says:

    ya know I thought it would be a real way to clean a stain. I’m an idiot