How To Run For President!

How To Run For President!

Not only will I be running for president, AGAIN.. but I will also teach you how easy it is to do it yourself!
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20 Responses

  1. Emmanuel Gonzalez says:

    #voteforhiga #washingtonfree

  2. Lolol Proyo says:

    justin is a girl?

  3. loombandlover538 says:

    I love the change in footwear my favorite is the barefoot shoe:) LOL

  4. Lksscorpio Cars says:

    Vote #higa2016

  5. Lyrically says:


  6. Kpop Lover says:


  7. Norbu “Nobi” Dradhul says:

    like my comment to vote Higa and dislike to not vote him

  8. Chi town Baller says:

    Ryan I love your videos! Keep them going bro!!! :D

  9. Rewop says:

    Unfortunately you’re not old enough Ryan ?. I would definitely vote for
    you though!

  10. mohab wael says:


  11. Dalya Osman says:

    north west ??? hahaha come on dude why mention Kardashians? hahaha and
    washing machines hhhhh im really scared please protect us hhhhh ? ? ? ?

  12. Un Canal Más says:

    I want vote Ryan??

  13. Tom Lafferty says:

    If Ryan sweeps Hawaii we could be looking at a washing machine free USA the
    first time

  14. Susan The Fish says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that throughout the video Ryans shoes kept

  15. Ben Spencer says:

    oreo slide with janitors

  16. Mike Elliot says:


  17. PurpleKumquat says:

    Your Instagram got hacked again

  18. King Robert says:


  19. Sugar Jesus says:

    your insagram got hacked please look at it!!!

  20. Random Reader says:

    If you didn’t know (which you probably do), you got hacked again on
    Instagram. Sorry, man ?