How to Set Up a Shelter Tarp Fastest Way – Survival Hack

How to Set Up a Shelter Tarp Fastest Way – Survival Hack

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20 Responses

  1. Gaurav Yadav says:

    do a video about how to make a basic shelter in the forest with natural
    stuff (leaves, bushes etc)

  2. neerg ekib says:

    what happened to your arm

  3. Emily Gailey says:

    did anyone see the gernade in the backround

  4. Zohar Azulay says:


  5. Lawzy Ayad says:

    can u plz make a Draw my life

  6. waddac2 says:

    Very simple and effective. Great video.

  7. Conner Jordan says:

    could a ACudetel fire happen

  8. Mace Flood says:

    What happend to his arm

  9. Dumb Dummer says:

    whats a shelter tarp

  10. Austin Williams says:

    Actually a lifehack I want to try

  11. Mike Vdw says:

    that epic bro?
    but what happend with your arm??? is it broken?

  12. Swift says:

    Welcome back to malor ballor toy

  13. Jeffrey van der Post says:

    crazy russian hacker, can you please make a video with ferrofluid mixed
    with the fluid inside the glowsticks?

  14. Jade Boyd says:

    make another one next to it and you’ll have a tent

  15. Sherlock Bones says:

    Easy way to make a rain collector too :)

  16. Alirezaa96 gaming says:

    please do a huse tour

  17. Worldwide Top10 says:

    Look at 1:25 lol

  18. Raam Jagath TV says:

    I SUCK

  19. Madee Kurmanbayev says:

    lifehack on how to become lifehacker: grow up in poor country, like 90’s

  20. xXWhîpStarXx21 Gamîng says:

    How the hell do you get that in a desert?!