How to Start a Fire with Sugar (Without Matches) – – Survival Hack #55

How to Start a Fire with Sugar (Without Matches) – – Survival Hack #55

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20 Responses

  1. Manuel Monzon says:

    That was so yeezy im going to try this again

  2. MineFish says:

    for the first time, you actually putted your sunglasses on in one go

  3. Spencer Highley says:

    what was the other ingredient?

  4. Adam Algahimi says:

    Good survival tip, bring a lighter with you, no matter where you are.

  5. ON! O! says:

    How to start fire with pineapple. Just add some dynamite and boom. Look how
    easy is it.

  6. Adrian Skansen says:

    next video. how to make fire with matches (without potassium permanganate)

  7. Camren Hines says:

    No one has potassium permanganate

  8. TABRAO says:

    “All we have to-do is do some friction”

  9. Lambo G says:

    If you are in a Apocalypse you can’t Buy things ONLINE

  10. Skripty Resources says:

    What would I rather carry in my bug out bag.
    A big and tiresome lighter that is sooo heavy and will make me tire out
    just from wielding it.

    Or a mere like 5 pound bag of sugar and potassium permanganate so I can

    Yeah, I’ll go with my lighter, thanks.

  11. XxXblazeit420XxX says:

    Yes because if I’m not carrying matches I definitely have sugar and
    potassium permanganate on hand to start my fires.

  12. Даниил Просто says:

    i love your “English” АКЦЕНТ

  13. Erik Hansson says:

    say what?

  14. Polo Biju says:

    How to make sugar dissapear with a vaccum cleaner

  15. MrxiMert says:

    Now i dont need my lighter anymore thanks to this dude i use sugar and
    tanroxidejenfksmzds like he says

  16. Bogdan S says:

    “look how hot it is”

  17. gaming szyszka says:

    nice, very nice, one question, since this is a ‘survival’ hack, where do I
    find the potassium powder thingy?

  18. Fausto'sGeneration says:

    hey can you make a video on how to clean carpet stains thanks

  19. hjj 23 says:

    because you have potasiu hipermangant but yuo don’t have matches

  20. BEAST BGR GAMER says:

    1 Like=Get Your Crush
    1 Reply=Kiss your Crush
    1 Sub=find 9848284$$
    Ignore=die a virgin