How to Stay Awake (Without Caffeine)

How to Stay Awake (Without Caffeine)


You’re tired and you need an energy boost, but you don’t want the jitters from caffeine. What to do? In this week’s video, we give you some chemistry-backed tips — one of which involves cats — to boost your productivity and stay awake without refilling the coffee cup.

Water in the Body –

Watching Cat Vids –

Cute images/improved attention:

Light and the Neurotransmitter Orexin –

Single Bout of Exercise –

Water, Hydration and Health –

Music and moderate task difficulty –

Human-animal Interaction –

Hypocretin/Orexin System –

On Dehydration – Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook 5th Edition

What Favorite Songs Do to Our Brains –

Pleasure response from music –

Blood components –

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Kirk Zamieroski

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20 Responses

  1. C0d0ps says:

    One thing that helps me have lots of energy is not being addicted to

  2. forfluf says:

    My sensitivity to light is next to zero thus my body’s natural cycle takes
    more than 24 hours meaning I am almost always out of sync with the world.

  3. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    So basically coffee is like liquid cat videos.

  4. Greencoast says:


  5. akossiwavi batta says:

    What happens in your body when sick

  6. Blue Edits says:

    Watch Cats Or Watch Porn Let Me Think Lads…

  7. Armahx says:

    A shot or 4 of whiskey does it for me.

  8. Evan Quinn says:

    Problem is, this is the worst thing to watch when you are trying to stay

  9. RadddahTat says:

    Just flip on some old fashioned porno, i plan on going to bed in a little
    but prolly will stay up till sunrise beatin my meat

  10. MechaDINO says:

    Cool video. Subscribing!

  11. rick charles says:

    Also, when you’re feeling hungry, drink water. It really helps.

  12. Worrying Warrior says:

    What if you’re stoned

  13. BorgOvermind says:

    Live cats: even better !
    The fun aside, the sound they make regenerates living tissue.

  14. ottacracker says:

    Oxytocin is most commenly produced via human interaction. You propose
    watching cat vids instead. I think that says a lot about youtube and its

  15. Freeman Da Gospel Rapper says:

    Check out my #Instagram @ iputon4Jesus Thanks everyone. God bless.

  16. the Griz says:

    i tried cat videos it didnt work then i tried RTAA and it worked for me!