How to summon Giga Monty and his Army in FNAF: Security Breach

How to summon Giga Monty and his Army in FNAF: Security Breach

No mods, no cheats, just good old security breach 🙂

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45 Responses

  1. Cerebral Cloud says:

    Giga Monty, the ultimate Chad of this game, buried deep within the code.

    • erna🦋 says:

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    • monki says:

      @erna🦋 no one cares, thotbot

    • orion_opossum says:

      hes not even that deep, hes just on top of the spotlight thing lmao

    • Diego I de Persia says:

      He is afton embodied

  2. Holy Byzantine Empire says:

    I love how Giga Monty is a better Monty than Monty himself.

  3. K'kruhk Ha'ar says:

    10:48 The sound of the Giga Monty march struck a fear in me I didn’t know was possible even though I knew they couldn’t reach Spiff

    • C H A R L O T T E 🖤 says:

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    • DrewTheRat24 says:

      YouTube needs to remove these bots

    • SniperSly says:

      i know what you mean it was like i was filled with just an immense dread and it was by far scarier than anything in the normal game could hope to achieve

    • MEME REkT says:

      @DrewTheRat24 Only thing we can do is report them

  4. Torch says:

    If the devs patch the game, they should publish the fixed version onto a new build or something. The game as it is now should be preserved. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

  5. 1000 Eyes says:

    ‘Perfection is not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away’
    Giga Monty’s lack of murder inhibiting AI is what makes him a perfect killing machine.

    • Skink Rugby says:

      Being fair, there are legitimate design reasons to limit the AI…even if that isn’t what happened here.

      Its always interesting to see how this sort of game handles the tension of making your enemy appear like a clever predator without actually making them as such.

    • Neini kana says:

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    • Edgeperor says:

      @Анна Кравцовa oh my god, the bots have started replying to other bots

    • Анна Кравцовa says:

      ​@Edgeperor that’s a JacksFilms video. don’t freak out

    • hyper biscuit says:

      They should make a hard mode where every AI is just as aggressive as Giga Monty and will chase you down from across the map instead of teleporting to you (though keep the ability to hide in Freddy so that the game is still possible).

  6. Kingdom Hearts Fan2005 says:

    Hey, although this isn’t as impressive, I got two Chica’s to spawn once. I think it’s because I did the prize corner first, then later, went down there using the elevator. Chica is wandering around, but getting the security badge spawned a second one and now there were just two.

    • Rismi kuala says:

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    • Skel the Shapeshifter says:

      Yeah, that happened to me too. I went down and did the kitchen quest later, turned on the generator for the trash compactor, triggered Chica, ran away into the kitchen, and ran into ANOTHER Chica eating garbage.

    • FlameyBoy says:

      If you go to fazerblast after destroying chica, an intact chica will spawn

  7. Logan Chitwood says:

    There are so many design oversights in this game, like it’s not a terrible game, but if you told me nobody had time to do any code review I’d believe it.

    • Doctor Theo says:

      @Jack Kendall It’s the problem of over ambition, they clearly cared about this game but they lost sight of what they can realistically do

    • Dokusei says:

      I feel like the game would be scarier if you were at some point being chased by an army of robots and you were always uncertain on if they could get you or not, and you’d be so scared when a security bot gets you lol

    • Fighter Builder says:

      @Jack Kendall Yeah… IIRC, Steel Wool Studios ran into pretty serious scope creep during development and Scott made the decision to downscale the project to avoid having to keep delaying it. I also don’t think it’s necessarily impatient fans’ fault for this mindset either; this is their first game where they’ve partnered with major companies like NVIDIA and Sony, and I imagine they didn’t want to push their luck and keep them waiting. I know I wouldn’t.

    • homerman76 says:

      @Doctor Theo Especially when Covid hit and added to the stress of trying to figure out what was still feasibly possible

    • i toast says:

      lmao this game neded more time even if the fans woud have gotten angry tbh the game will probs be in a good state in like a few months but thats when the game shoude have been realized rite know it just seems like a trashy git hub projket

  8. MadsZ says:

    Love how the incredibly loud thumping and shaking of the Giga Montys is more effective at scaring you than anything in the game

  9. ShinyPM says:

    Roxy: You think you’re better than me!?
    Spiff: Yes
    Giga Monty: Nowhere is safe, we are one, we are many

  10. Prophecyx says:

    10:45 – This part feels like a poor gazelle trying to drink some water in a river teeming with crocodiles.

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