How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! | The SCIENCE… of Fallout

How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! | The SCIENCE… of Fallout

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Fallout paints a picture of a desolate world, populated by the sparse remains of humanity. Today, Austin is going to figure out how ACCURATE the world of Fallout REALLY is. Would humanity be gone? Are we DOOMED? Let’s find out!

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82 Responses

  1. Levi Ackerman says:


  2. 【Vocaloid English】 says:

    So uh….. how do I survive it?
    Aside from moving to Switzerland?

  3. Smiley Cat says:

    Australia and New Zealand are in a good location Australia has a lot of son and New Zealand has a lot of Mountains and fresh farmlands

  4. 90 days for new name says:

    Im from 2218 and this is really useful

  5. dangerouslytalented says:

    Australia will also be amongst these nations

  6. ThirdBurritoMember says:

    Dang matpats voice changed

  7. EverythingIsScience says:

    What about Australia? Are we fine

    • The Whinchester says:

      You’re fine, since you guys always live in a wasteland

    • Lizzy Sutton says:

      We wouldn’t be hit, not only do we not hav our own nukes but we’re allies with basically all the atomic powers. On top of that, due to the fact our resources are almost entirely raw, there would be no purpose to hitting us. Once all the atomic powers have blown each other up, we would have no allegiance left to anyone and would have a transition to becoming self sufficient. On the other hand America might accidentally miss fire an atomic bomb and do us some damage so there’s that. Cos friendly fire.

    • POZ Gaming says:

      Yeah, probably

    • Stefan M. says:

      Australia is friends with everyone, but this also makes them a target, since opposing powers would be worried about the other power using Australia. This happened to America during the multiple wars that occurred in Europe before WW1: Ships attempting to trade with a country would be stopped by the opposing side, despite America being neutral at the time.
      Chances are Australia would be bombed as well, though as others have stated there is an ever so slight chance Australia might make it.

    • EchoSpark 267 says:

      Yep. Come join us and let’s watch the “greatest nations” and their surviving residents fall into destruction. I mean, there is no reason to attack South America, except for one country. Same goes for Africa. Switzerland is perfectly safe. Australia will probably be rough around the strategic targets but they will survive. And if you get started with “but he said that the fires would burn and lower the temperature “ that is very true, but if we already have certain methods that can grow crops with little to no sunlight, then the famine will only last as long as it takes to get set up with those machines

  8. David Andersson says:

    Austin: “Global temperature drop, but why?”
    Me: “It’s gonna be sot.”
    Austin: “SOT”
    Me: *cheers in science*

  9. Preston Garvey says:

    A settlement needs your help here I will mark it on your map

  10. Van Hendrix says:

    How to survive a fallout: be like Wolverine

  11. WaterKittyMasta says:

    Honestly, 80-90% of apocalypse scenarios ignore Australia, Austin didn’t even mention us! I’m now convinced that we have a force field from nucelar holocausts and alien invasions… 80-90% of the time.

  12. Lochlan Hanham says:

    But what about New Zealand and Austrailia?

    • RoxasLopez says:


    • Lochlan Hanham says:

      but what about the second scenario.

    • J Arnett says:

      Those don’t exist

    • EchoSpark 267 says:

      RoxasLopez yes but he forgot one thing. You CAN grow plants without sunlight

    • Stefan M. says:

      Assuming the “best-case scenario” shown in Fallout, Australia would likely be devastated as well. Perhaps not as badly as the U.S., but still devastated. This is due to Australia being percieved as a friend to everyone. If Australia is going to give supplies to the opposing side, a nation would want to prevent this. The best way to do this is to simply destroy the source of the supplies. Also, don’t forget that Australia has natural gas reserves. This would make it a target in a potential resource war.

      As for New Zealand, it may actually be okay. It was not targeted and is also off the coast. It would still suffer tremendously due to the failing world economy, but it would likely not have to suffer from nuclear fallout.

  13. Nathan says:

    You forgot about greenhouses, people grow plants and food all year around even in winter in greenhouses.

  14. Milk Muhn says:

    This doesn’t effect Australia because it’s upsidedown on the globe, meaning all the bombs and fallout will just fall off.

    It’s also why rain doesn’t fall in Australia, they just see it fly by.

    Australia is basically a dry apocalypse land without the bombs anyway.

  15. Dank memes r Dank says:

    I didn’t know that Southeast Asia was a major power in fallout is it because they’re resource rich?

    • TheAsianTomboy says:

      Dank memes r Dank it’s is possible they most of the South East Asia are resource rich

    • Terra Drone says:

      In all likelihood yes because keep in mind most of SEA are British Empire colonies at the time of the resource war ie WW2. We were targeted by Japan for that reason after all.

    • Manrisa Manrisame says:

      Terra Drone Wait wasn’t Japan’s main goal was unify whole eastern side and cause mass genocide(although this is still questionable since there are claims that if they cooperate with IJ like thailand they’ll be spared) so that they could transfer people there to claim invaded lands for expansion. And not really knowledgeable about what resources they’ll find.

    • Terra Drone says:

      Yes the main reason for them invading is to expand their territory and influence but in order to do that they need the resources seeing that mainland Japan wasn’t all that resource rich to begin with. They know they don’t have the resources to sustain a prolonged war so their best bet is to invade and win total victory as fast as possible (much like what the Germans were trying to go with). Besides the British colonies were pretty easy pickings with the Brits occupied on the western front.

      Now i’m by no means a history buff and i might get something wrong in this so I would suggest you refer to Extra Credit’s Extra History – WW2: The Resource War series if you need some better explaining w good info and animatics.

    • Manrisa Manrisame says:

      Terra Drone I’ll go check that out since I’m still on my way in uncovering historical stuff due to my course. So I’m still not that extremely knowledgeable about history Specially war history so I’m currently on the starting point of cause, effect and outcome so any historical related sites would help a lot though skip me the conspiracy theories since they’re 100% pointless anf irrelevant at most times.

  16. ALLEN WOLLESEN says:


    • chummy70 says:

      ALLEN WOLLESEN was about to comment the same thing until I scrolled down to see if someone had already written it 🙂

  17. Edrich louw says:

    As a South African I can tell you the biggest exploiters here aren’t external.

  18. Van Hendrix says:

    How to survive a Fallout: be like Deadpool

  19. Syafiq Razip says:


  20. SAK- SOON says:

    So much science 🤓

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