How To Tame a Wild Animal

How To Tame a Wild Animal

Today I show you how to tame a wild animal. For your safety and the safety of your loved ones it’s extremely important that you watch this video carefully. Doing so could potentially save your life one day. You never know when a wild animal will appear and try to attack you – 13 million people are attacked and killed each year by wild animals. Don’t let that happen to you! Follow the easy step by step instructions!

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Know someone that needs help taming a wild animal? Link them to this video! it might save their life.

Thanks to Ubisoft for kindly supplying me with a copy of Far Cry Primal.
Also thanks to iDubbbzTV for supplying the dance moves.

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20 Responses

  1. MR. OVERKILL says:

    you have way to much money

  2. Arnaud Gendreau says:

    Seven, seven, seven, seven, seven, seven… and again and again and

  3. wessel de voor says:

    why didnt he just give that tv and that ps4 with the controllers and all
    his games to me

  4. The GoodnGuard f says:

    “This Guy Is On Fire” Sing it

  5. Chaka Mad says:

    I really, really hope the ps4 and tv were broken prior to the production of
    this video. On behalf of myself and every other starving college kid i shed
    a tear.

  6. Hi (sorry for my bad poker face) says:

    its ok the tv was expired

  7. Denis Hcerkasov says:

    You every video naked?

  8. JiffGaming - Road to 1K SUBS says:

    I’m not gonna lie this is actually the best 58 seconds I’ve ever seen

  9. ERAZER™Un ancien Youtubeur says:

    Dog from fallout4.

  10. RD-Gee says:

    you just smashed a flatscreen, an axe, Far Cry Primal, a PS4, a couple of
    chairs, some weights and probably a controller for a 50 seconds video. i
    don’t think it was worth it

  11. Another Glitch (Bryan) says:


  12. MLG Gaymz says:

    he said aw shit at the end i finally heard hks voice

  13. Reginaldo Hernandez says:

    This is so stupid I’m must kick myself in the dick for watching it !

  14. Philippe l says:

    Holy shit that really hurts…

  15. decod says:

    what do you have put on or are you naked?

  16. Filipe Costa says:


  17. Dark Supremacy says:

    he could guveaway the game at least :/

  18. Spikey Biscuit says:

    So did HowToBasic stop uploading so frequently because making videos was
    starting to cost too much?

  19. SaltyyCrackerss says:

    Is everyone really ignoring that he jumped into the fire

  20. Blue says:

    0:45 Dude, Kids in Africa could’ve eaten that axe ? #RIPaxe ?