How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold

How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold

Music by Milan Tintané

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20 Responses

  1. Chou Gu Ting says:

    Is it still waterproof?

  2. LogaNation says:

    He has not one, not two, but three knives featured in this video!

  3. Taylor Boydstun says:

    In fact, it was so cool my four year old niece wanted to watch it again.
    We’ve seen it three times now. 

  4. TONY GARCIA says:

    Menudo Friky

  5. the1kamikaze says:

    *I can watch a 10 minute video of this guy opening boxes.*

  6. Cirenio Pizano says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. imaaroncook says:

    When I first watched this yesterday the video was still under 500 views,
    and the first thing that came to my head was, “This video is about to blow
    up.” YOU’RE A LEGEND

  8. Gordon Chin says:

    He could have at least gotten it gold plated.

  9. Will Galvin says:

    Better question, How do you film the shots where its out of focus then
    refocusses midway through the scene?

  10. Its Glare says:

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  11. Akhmedov Ziyadin says:

    I love the music in the beginning and haven’t been able to find it anywhere
    except here. Casey where did you find it? I know it’s by Milan Tintané… 

  12. Burton Bao says:

    Viral video made it viral 🙂 Congrats casey !

  13. woodlot conference says:

    Dude you’re sooooo awesome, love your content. Keep up the good work! –

  14. cats pants says:

    loved this

  15. Sydney McArthur says:

    watched the vlog about this first, so i knew you did ruin the watch but i
    still cringed the entire way through this video until you finished it..

  16. Aniket Chopra says:

    Now,if you wipe with 70% or higher alcohol, it’ll come off!


    Called this video being viral in his daily vlogs, I believed him!

  18. jsong21 says:

    Trust me.. aftermarket companies will be making REAL 18k gold outer rings
    that will probably cost around 100 bucks for purchase and fitting fees.
    Apple is a real dipshit for making an outrageously expensive phone for no
    apparent reason. I’d rather buy a diamond studded timeless gold Rolex watch
    for 12k. SRSLY.. F U Apple.

  19. Bat man says:

    Everyone welcome the new arrivals to Casey’s channel.

    Yes he unboxes like this all time. 

  20. Average User says: